Ben Affleck London Premiere of The Accountant

Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick touched down in London on Monday evening to attend the London premiere of The Accountant.

“The Accountant” is new film written by Bill Dubuque and directed by Gavin O’Connor. The film, as one might have guessed, is about an accountant, played by Ben Affleck, who goes by the name of Christian Wolff. But wait, before you roll your eyes, the film promises to be full of suspense and combat scenes. Christian Wolff is looking after the books of drug dealers, gun runners, and other criminal elements, so no boring annual returns and corporation taxes for him. It’s even rumoured that Hillary Clinton is involved with their online security… Not.

Dana Cummings, also an accountant played by Anna Kendrick, finds herself in the middle of dangerous suspense when her and autistic clerk Christian shine the light on the dodgy dealings of their clients. Anna, 31,  admitted that her mother Janice, an accountant all her life, loved the film. “She was excited because there’s all these jokes about how accountants are boring, -they are- and so she was like, “This is a sexy accountant movie” -Bless!-  “There’s intrigue and fights, and it’s very exciting”  Anna said on Good Morning America. 

The film has received favourable reviews and has been a box office hit topping The Girl On The Train in the very first days of the release. I just wish Ben Affleck had fitted suits as every time I see him and photograph him, he keeps pulling up his ill-fitting trousers! Sort it out, Ben!   

Red Carpet Fashion at The Accountant London Premiere

La Kendrick chose a pale pink ‘librarian dress’ for the premiere while Ben Affleck wore the usual bloke ‘accountant’ suit. 

The Accountant is set for UK cinema release on November 4.

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Anna Kendrick The Accountant Premiere in London © Joe Alvarez

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