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Ikon London Apparel

Ikon Apparel is the brainchild of celebrity photographer Joe Alvarez.Heavily influenced by punk, rock and biker culture, this collection of loud black denim jackets re-introduces character in fashion.Featuring prints and pictures of the founder Joe Alvarez, Ikon Apparel jackets are handmade in London, England.


One new style innovation in the world of handbags is the quirky Phomaz bags, Created with love in Chicago, Illinois.

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Wearing Memories

Chances are you remember your very first bottle of champagne; sharing a special moment whilst creating a cherished memory. Now you can cherish your memories forever with my champagne inspired jewellery range.

Wearing Memories is designed to hold the ‘plaque de muselet’ (cap) from the top of a champagne bottle.Each Wearing Memories piece is exquisitely handcrafted in Australia from the finest quality sterling silver and raw materials.


"The Walking Paintings Concept" Collections are made in the same spirit as the paintings of Claire-Lise Backes: beauty-good mood-smiles enhancers; clothes that communicate, give confidence and the insurance to be well dressed, well accessorized at the right time.

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Caterina Belluardo

The Caterina Belluardo shoe collection represents a synthesis of unique, innovative style and fine, handmade luxury. Using beautiful nubuck leathers and hand knitted detailing the collection re-interprets traditional leisurewear styles.

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Teo Lloyd

Teo Lloyd is a new luxury womenswear brand that focuses on ambitious and fashion conscious women. Her brand’s signature is a structured classic look with a modern twist, mainly inspired by architecture.The ready-to-wear collection guarantees high quality fabrics, attention to detail with an excellent finish. Yet the brand offers high-end luxury at exceptional value.The fashion line provides comfort, elegance and timeless style, hence fulfilling the demands of a sophisticated 21st century woman.

Based in London, leather specialist brand Pritch London stands for non-conformist luxury, highlighting polished daring and today’s versatile lifestyle in its collections.

The brand draws upon the present-day zest of its home town and the rebellious image of its iconic material to offer an innovative outlook on leather creation. Beyond outerwear, Pritch London harnesses leather’s thousand-year heritage and its unfulfilled design possibilities.

Launched in 2009, Colin Leslie bamboo ethical eyewear is inspired by Asian design.  Fusing up to the minute trends with simple yet unmistakeable features, this UK brand of glasses and sunglasses has become synonymous with simplicity, sustainability and street style.

Crafted from sourced bamboo plantations in China and Hong Kong, the pieces are ethically produced with additional features made from recycled acetate and plastic products.