Eyedoo Eye Wear Brand Launched Its First Pop Up Shop In London

There is no shortage in London in pretty eye frames for every taste and occasion. What is however somewhat limited, is the supply of good lenses. As an eyeglasses wearer myself, I know that, alas, not all lenses are created equal. Good lenses do just what they are meant to. However, the 20/20 vision doesn’t necessarily come with every pair. The new eyewear brand Eyedoo is set to change that, according to the founder Bob Forgan, who Ikon London met at the launch of their first pop up store at Marylebone.

Eyedoo is a new online provider of eyewear at a fixed price of £49 for single vision glasses and £75 for sunglasses. Bob Forgan, the founder and the designer of the brand, admitted to Ikon London Magazine that he has marked 40 years in optician business. He started working as an intern in those long-forgotten days when one had to polish lenses manually. After having supplied top-notch quality lenses to many major spectacle brands for four decades, Bob decided to sell his lenses under his own label. Designed in England, the frames are light, ergonomic and feature mostly unusual designs. It’s not all only about the appearance though. The lenses are the most important part for Bob – who also wears glasses himself – and for customers.

Anyone willing to experience the world through Eyedoo lenses can visit the pop-up store at Marylebone station, which is open until 30th March. 

For those who prefer shopping online, Eyedoo is heading the revolution in the way we shop. The website allows you to virtually try different styles on by uploading your photo. Up to four test pairs will be sent to your home address so that you can try them on and make a final decision without leaving your house. The final pair, fitted with your prescription, will also be sent right to your doorstep in the matter of a couple of days.

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