Marina Alyabusheva Art Exhibition

Marina Alyabusheva opened her first London exhibition at MacDougall’s gallery on Friday. Marina, mother of Hollywood actress Olga Kurylenko was in high spirits as guests arrived to view her thoroughly inspiring work. 

Her works are examples of the so-called art therapy, a complex of psychotherapeutic techniques which is a natural and gentle method of spiritual healing and development through creativity. 

She told me: “Different types of art therapy -or art psychology- correspond to various art forms and its array of techniques is virtually limitless.

“Art therapy sees itself not as a therapeutic treatment but rather as an outlet for the development of creativity, as well as personal development enabling one to tackle almost any problem. Any person is capable of expressing themselves, their feelings and general condition through melody, sound, movement, and drawing.

“Our inner words contain images of feelings and ideas, which channel emotional interaction between other people and us. Through these images and feelings our unconscious and conscious relate to each other. The more internalised and intensive this process is, the stronger is the resonance produced in viewers’ souls by the artworks that use special language to narrate about spiritual life”.

The exhibition was a thoroughly enjoyable affair with Olga Kurylenko in attendance meeting and greeting the guests in support of her mother’s work. As well as the artwork, we celebrated Marina’s birthday with a gigantic cake -traditional Russian- which was utterly delicious.

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Olga Kurylenko at Marina Alyabusheva Exhibition © Joe Alvarez

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