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Union Jack Poppy Joe Alvarez

Meet The Editor

Welcome to Ikon London Magazine.


Having launched ikon London Magazine a few years ago, I am pleased to announce the ‘new look’ Ikon magazine. It has been a fantastic journey and we go from strength to strength improving and expanding.


Our readership grows on a daily basis. I have been humbled and I am grateful by the following we have and access we have been given by the public, celebrities, event organisers and the media in general. Onwards and upwards.


Happy reading!

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In Cannes 2012 Waiting For Heidi Klum...

My front page...ha ha.

My Front Cover:

Colin Farrell Came To Say 'Hi'


Colin Loved My Aftershave

Unknown article-0-066C3C1B000005DC-698_468x538 Colin+Farrell view

London Evening Standard: Colin Farrell grabs snapper over insult to his sister - Showbiz



Colin Farrell has tiff on red carpet | 2012 TIFF | Toronto International Film Festival



Daily Mail: Colin Farrell confronts photographer who 'shouted at his sister'



Sky News: Colin Farrell Confronts Snapper At Premiere



Farrell confronts photographer | Metro News



Italy: Colin Farrell: Lite con il fotografo Joe Alvarez



Denmark  SE og HR: Colin Farrell: Amok p fotograf

http://www.seoghoer.dk/Nyheder/Kendte Udland/Hollywood Arkiv/2009/09/Colin Farrell Amok paa fotograf.aspx


Irish Central: Is impending fatherhood driving Colin Farrell over the edge? | Irish Entertainment in Ireland and Around the World |



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Colin Farrells bust-up with photog over sis



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This is what some of the world's press had to say...


He  Loved My Glasses

I Told Him 'They're Marc Jacobs'

Ikon Logo Perfect Joe Clarissa venice Joe Models Joe David Gandi

With Actress Clarissa Leone in Venice Film Festival

Joe Maria 18th-April

Studio shoot with Maria Kouka

At London Fashion Week Party

Yours Truly with David Gandy

Joe_Nanna 1563 Joe Alvarez Hatty Jeane 1103

Editor In Chief Joe Alvarez and singer Hatty Keane at end of photoshoot. @HattyKeane

Ed In Chief and Fashion Ed  'frow' at LFW14

Joe Alvarez Chief Editor of Ikon London Magazine



Joe Alvarez

Editor in Chief


Q: One fun fact about yourself – any hidden talent we don’t know of?


A: I am a drummer, motorcyclist/motocross and bilingual.


Q: Why did you choose to go into the fashion industry/photography?


A:  I fell in love with it when I was 10 on a school trip. Kept it up, and despite playing in various bands (drums) stuck to it. I decided to go pro once the various bands disbanded. (Common occurrence in music.)


Q: What are your goals as an editor in chief/photographer? Are you in this for the long-term or do you dream about something completely different?


A: I have been in this press/showbiz industry for many years. I am in this long term, as well as combining my passion for fashion. I have launched my own label. Early days, but is looking very good. I will combine fashion and media as its interlinked.


Q:What is the best and the worst thing about working as an editor/photographer?


A: The best is meeting loads of people, shooting I love, working with models and celebrities is great fun. Worst is editing/captioning and PHOTOSHOP. I use it the least possible. My shoots need to look great on camera alone.


Q: What is the coolest place you’ve ever travelled to and why?


A: Been all over the world for work, coolest is Cannes Film Festival. Although for location shoot, I loved Mauritius in the Indian Ocean where I shot 2 ‘Bond girls’. (2 actresses from the James Bond film). I chose Mauritius as a location due to its coral sand, very white and transfers little if any heat. Thus in the middle of the day at 32c you can walk on the sand and shoot on it without towels or any discomfort.


Q: What motivates you to get up in the morning?


A:   Each day I wake up, knowing that I am living the dream. Each day is different.


Fikay Interviewed Joe Alvarez

Joe Alvarez Tatler

Swarovski lingerie shoot in Cannes filmed by Fashion TV: