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The Meyerowitz Stories Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

21 May 2017

by Tamara A Orlova and Joe Alvarez | Photography by Joe Alvarez

There were no shortage of comedies presented to the jury at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. With titles as Okja, How to chat to girls at parties and The Meyerowich Stories, this year has a lot to offer to fans of thought-provoking films with humour. The Meyerowich Stories is the new flick from the director of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Starring Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, the film revolves around a dysfunctional Jewish family. This comedy drama, features Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler as half-brothers reunited as they plan an exhibition for their sculptor father Harold (played by Hoffman), is his first to be shown in Cannes.


The film is the second Netflix film competing at the festival which caused a certain clash with the jury president Pedro Almodovar, who sides with the opinion that Cannes Film Festival films should be made for big screens, not online streaming for TV. The new suggested rule to block online streaming films will come to force next year.


However, this film, highly acclaimed by film critics has a good chance of an award.

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Emma Thompson

Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson

Adam Sandler, Noah Baumbach, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson

Ben Stiller

Emma Thompson

Dustin Hoffman

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Jessica Chastain

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Mary J Blige

Dustin Hoffman, Noah Baumbach, Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler

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