China is Kidnapping People & Harvesting Their Organs While Still Alive

Why ‘Diversity’ Programs Fail – study

How and Why Big Oil Runs and Funds ‘The Green Movement’

Huawei, ZTE: ‘Chinese back doors,’ should you worry?

The Great Smart Meter Swindle – And What To Do If You Have One

139 Viking Old Norse Words That Invaded The English Language

Tom Cruise at BAFTA 2015 © Joe Alvarez

Tom Cruise Hits Out at ‘Motion Smoothing’ on HD TVs

Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro and the Banality of Evil

China Is Still Very Poor

Don’t Believe The Hype: China Is Still Really Poor – The Facts

Climate Hysteria: The IPCC’s Latest Climate Report Is a ‘Sham’ Here’s Why:

Cold Sun Warning: ‘Mini Ice Age Could Be Starting in Next 2 Years’

Gary Numan Savage Concert © JOE ALVAREZ

Gary Numan Savage UK Tour

Joe Alvarez, Dr Shirin Lakhani, Tamara Orlova-Alvarez at the Elite Aesthetics party © JOE ALVAREZ

Hydrafacial Treatment at Elite Aesthetics Clinic

Tentacles of Deep State EXPOSED – The Committee of 300

The Burlington Arcade Christmas Party

Why Does John Travolta Keep ‘Blowing Up’ His Career?

The ‘Allergies’ Fad And Its True Causes

Uber Charlotte Olympia Shoes 2

Charlotte Olympia Uber Cool Shoes

Gold: Biggest Fraud in History?

Worst PR Errors That Clients Don’t Know About As Explained by Journalists

How Smartphones Can Affect Your Health

Orlando Bloom attends the ‘SERIOUSFUN’ London Gala

Hair in The Chair Emma Lehane and Joe Alvarez

Hair In The Chair: Trim On The Streets of London For Crisis

‘Chemotherapy Kills People Not Cancer’ Doctor Claims

UK Scientists Find Way to Make Old Human Cells Young Again

9/11 Heist: The Missing Trillions – Follow The Money

Wesley Snipes at the World Premiere of The Expendables 3 © Joe Alvarez

Wesley Snipes Must Pay $9.5 million in Back Taxes To IRS

12 Methods to Unplug From the Matrix – video

Bugatti Chiron Built Entirely From LEGO Technic Arrives in London

Johnny Depp Axed From The “Pirates of the Caribbean” Franchise



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