Ikon London Magazine is the brainchild of Editor In Chief and renown international celebrity photographer and columnist Joe Alvarez. Joe has been well established for many years in the industry, he even turned down a Pulitzer award in photography as he claimed he wasn't a performing dog at Crufts and the prize money was 'only' $10,000. Or at least that's what we think he would've said had he entered the competition...

We hope Ikon London Magazine will inform you, educate you, -within reason- and of course very much entertain you about your favorite celebs, fashion and lifestyle in London. We live in THE most exciting 24/7 city in Europe, where it is illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle, beat a carpet in a public park, or impersonate a Chelsea pensioner - the latter offence is still theoretically punishable by death.

Historical facts, as well as London today, are captivating. What other city can name historical events being as jaw-dropping and smirk causing as the Great Fire of London in which only 6 people were recorded as dead -well actually, this reasoning has recently been challenged on the grounds that the deaths of poor and middle-class people were not recorded, while the heat of the fire may have cremated many victims leaving no recognisable remains. Whereas seven people died by falling or jumping from the Monument before a safety rail was built.

London is THE perfect setting and playground for Ikon London magazine. The city has proven itself with an astonishing past and enticing present. With Ikon London magazine we hope it now has a fresh, incisive, honest, and entertaining future in entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. You see dear readers, we live what we are writing about.

London has it all; beauty, style, humor, sophistication, quirkiness, illegal immigrants, TB, class, and elegance. Not to forget a Queen’s residence built in 1702 on the site of a notorious brothel. Well, what can we say, opposites attract. This funny but oh so true fact suits Ikon London and its contributors too well such as Ikon London’s Fashion & Lifestyle editor Tamara A Orlova class and elegance in lifestyle and fashion with a twist, personality and humor. London, as well as Ikon, knows how to combine the old with the new and how to perfectly appreciate the old and new on its own as well as in fusion.

Ikon London’s and its contributors point of differentiation to highlight is that we are taking everything with humor, a pinch of salt and master the art of opposites attract.

Join us on that exciting journey and you will learn new ways of thinking, laughing and enjoying life from random daily do’s -and dont's- to the most luxurious lifestyle choices.

Ikon London.

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