Ikon London Magazine is the brainchild of the renowned international celebrity photographer and columnist, Joe Alvarez. Joe has been firmly established in the industry for many years, having even turned down a Pulitzer award in photography, asserting that he was not a performing dog at Crufts and that the prize money was a mere ‘ten grand’. Or at least, that’s what we imagine he would have said if he’d entered the competition…

After Joe Alvarez’s untimely passing, his partner Tamara Orlova took over the reigns as an Editor in Chief. Tamara brings a fresh perspective to Ikon London Magazine and is poised to take the helm with her unique style.

At Ikon London Magazine, we aspire to inform, educate, and, of course, entertain you about your favourite celebrities, fashion, and lifestyle in London – all within the bounds of reason. We reside in the most thrilling 24/7 city in Europe, where it’s illegal to engage in amorous activities on a parked motorcycle, beat a carpet in a public park, or impersonate a Chelsea pensioner. Remarkably, the latter offence is still theoretically punishable by death.

Both the historical facts and the contemporary allure of London are captivating. Few cities can boast of historical events as jaw-dropping and smirk-inducing as the Great Fire of London, in which only six people were officially recorded as dead. However, this reasoning has recently been challenged, suggesting that the deaths of poor and middle-class individuals may not have been documented, and the intense heat of the fire may have left no recognisable remains. In contrast, seven people met their end by falling or leaping from the Monument before a safety rail was installed.

London serves as the perfect backdrop and playground for Ikon London Magazine. The city has a storied past and a beguiling present, and with Ikon London Magazine, we aim to chart a fresh, insightful, candid, and entertaining future in the realms of entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. You see, dear readers, we live and breathe what we write about.

London possesses an abundance of attributes: beauty, style, humour, sophistication, eccentricity, undocumented immigrants, class, and elegance. Not to mention a Queen’s residence built in 1702 on the site of a notorious brothel. Well, as they say, opposites attract. This amusing yet indisputable fact suits Ikon London, its contributors, and especially Tamara A Orlova, Ikon London’s Fashion & Lifestyle Editor, who embodies class and elegance in lifestyle and fashion with a twist of personality and humour. London, like Ikon, excels in combining the old with the new, and in appreciating both in their distinct and blended forms.

Ikon London’s distinguishing feature, shared by our contributors, is our penchant for approaching everything with humour, a touch of salt, and the art of opposites attracting.

Join us on this thrilling journey, and you’ll discover new ways of thinking, laughing, and relishing life – from everyday tips and tricks to the most luxurious lifestyle choices.

Welcome to Ikon London.