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ART for Autism (AfA Gallery), a platform dedicated to transforming autism support services in the UK, is thrilled to announce an online art sale fundraiser throughout April, Autism Awareness Month.

Support a Great Cause and Own Stunning Artwork, presented by AfA Gallery. This exciting sale features a curated collection of original artwork, ceramics, and open-edition prints from approximately 40 renowned artists worldwide. The proceeds will go directly towards improving autism support services in the UK, where the current system is inadequate and underfunded.

Among the participating artists are Jean Marquès, known for his recent photography campaign for Simone Rocha x Jean Paul Gaultier and Panconesi, and De La Jardin, whose work was featured in a recent pop-up store with Soho Home. Similar initiatives have raised approximately £500,000 for other causes, and with your support, AfA Gallery hopes to achieve a similar outcome.

Throughout April, visit https://www.artistsforart.org/ to explore the collection and purchase artwork you’ll love while making a positive impact on the autism community.

About ART for Autism

AfA Gallery is a creative initiative empowering the autism community through art. They are dedicated to raising awareness and crucial funds to support this vital cause. Follow AfA Gallery on Instagram (@a.f.a.gallery) for updates on the art sale and their ongoing mission.

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.