Magnum Cannes Party 2018 collaboration with Alexander Wang & Bella Hadid
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The Magnum party at the Cannes Film Festival is an annual lavish bash with the customary collaboration with fashion designers and famous models. This year, the ice cream giant Magnum celebrated renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang. Model Bella Hadid joined the Taiwanese-American fashion phenomenon this year. The result of their partnership, the short fashion film was released earlier this month. The video, according to Magnum, is depicting how both the designer and the model take the ‘pleasure’ seriously.

Alexander Wang & Bella Hadid Magnum video

“Together and through their shared passion for art and creation, they celebrate the importance of pleasure in our new film.

“As part of a seemingly ordinary photo shoot, -though totally staged of course- the two personalities perfectly embody the pleasure of fashion, friendship, and entertainment. And when they savor the crunchy chocolate of their Magnum, they unveil at the same time the lighter and carefree side of their craft, and reveal the funniest and most casual facets of their personality.”

“The pure, the true pleasure: the art of the manufacture, the importance of the quality and the fact to savor in the smallest details these moments of intense pleasure.”

The Magnum creative team, as well as Wang and Hadid, had a hard task to impress with their end product the myriad of journalists and film critics who attended the event. Wang is an undisputable fashion trendsetter and Hadid is an established model. However, despite the fact that Bella attended the 2017 Met Gala as Wang’s companion in 2017 and he created the famous couture ‘catsuit’ for the occasion, the pair lacked chemistry on set – or so it appears.

The dancers attired in surrealistic costumes and accessories entertained the audience with their enigmatic performance from the stage but also making their way in-between the guests in attendance.

On the night, guests were offered to make their own ice cream choosing from a different option of base ice cream, coating, and sprinkles ranging from crunchy sweet crumbs to the luxurious gold leaf.

The Ikon team had a great time with unlimited champagne throughout the night and the music was ‘pumpin!’

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