An Evening of Meat Dining Performance London Kate March
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An Evening of Meat dining experience has come upon London. Aptly named performance-experience is ‘a feast of femininity’ where expressive dance and indulgent food meet to thoroughly inundate all the senses.

An Evening of Meat Dining Performance London Kate March

Featuring a fine-dining menu and dancers using the dining tables as a stage, An Evening Of Meat is a powerful conceptual dining experience that explores the all-fours position. As guests sink their teeth into a six-course dinner, they are confronted with performers struggling to reach the vertical position. The dancers explore various aspects of the on-all-fours position, such as vulnerability, strength, stability, sensuality, power, domestication, and unbridled wildness. In this exploration in femininity, the audience and performer build a unique relationship, and as the diner becomes part of the dancer’s struggle, screaming for her to stand up, she, in turn, destabilises their gaze and becomes more than just a piece of meat on the table.

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The performance is directed by performing artist Kate March and performed by Kate’s I AM dance troupe. Based between Hong Kong and New York City, Kate completed an MA in choreography in London, and it was here that she began exploration of the all fours position, placing performers on tables and creating a powerful collision of the culinary, performance and fashion worlds. She began creating conceptual dining experiences in Dalston and reinventing ‘dinner theatre’ which lead to the eventual creation of I AM.

Through her work with I AM, she develops innovative performance concepts, redefines dinner entertainment, and performs across the world including a variety of unique projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, the Maldives, and America.

March said: “I AM performances have brought me around the world, allowing me to engage with diverse audiences and to experiment with innovative concepts. Returning to London to share my creative evolution with this audience is more meaningful than words can express — I can’t wait to let my body do the talking.”

The show feature a menu created by Michelin trained Head Chef Chavdar Todorov. Featuring six courses, every dish has been designed to tempt and tantalise the senses.

An Evening of Meat is as much about fashion and music as it is about food.

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