Balmain For H&M Value For Money?

With recent Balmain for H&M frenzy I couldn’t escape being overloaded with praises of new collection form every social media account. Even likes of Telegraph and Daily Mail decided to jump on the back of a copies-selling train and didn’t miss their opportunity to applaud new collection.

Balmain for H&M is probably one of the most expected high street fashion collaborations on my memory and I dread to think of the queues one would need to live through just to get their hands on an affordable piece by famous French fashion designer. My mind paints horrific pictures of USA Black Monday sales with people being squashed and ran over by maniacal shopaholics and I only hope that H&M ten minute slot system is good enough to deal with the expected flow of customers. 

It is beyond any doubt that the collection will be completely sold within hours from the official release, with people grabbing everything they can reach. No time for fitting rooms and whatever doesn’t fit will go from Ebay.


Balmain For H&M

Fashion editors’ recommendations on how buying one or a few pieces form Balmain for H&M collection is a worthy investment only adds fuel to this craze and pushes crucial issues like illegal immigration crisis or recent China stock market crash to the bottom of the importance list. 

With Balmain fever taking hold of people en masse there is one question that doesn’t leave me alone.

Is it really worth it? One might argue that getting Balmain dress for less than half of its usual RRP is definitely a good thing, but is it really? 


What I mean is that I don’t believe in paying for most publicized collection in years, the one that has inundated Instagram, Twitter and all fashion blogs over the last month. Something doesn’t sit right with me every time I think of paying up to £600 of my hard-earned cash for a dress that is screaming from double page spread of every publication. What adds to my doubts is that I am almost guaranteed to spot five more dresses from this collection on the same do. Cold sweat starts running down my forehead every time I think of this awkward moment.

Put in plain words, with everybody being utterly bored to death by thousands of Balmain for H&M pictures that recently flooded the internet, I don’t see it as such good investment for my cash as some might have implied. 

My verdict to the collection that became a top hit before its release date is rather unexpected: being produced by one of the most exclusive fashion houses it, sadly, lacks exclusivity.

You won’t see me anywhere near the official launch of Balmain for H&M on 5th November 2015.


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