FDA Report: Sunscreen Chemicals Enter Your Bloodstream

Over the years we’ve all been told by doctors, scientists and the media to cake yourself in sunscreen lotion or sprays…
Bella Hadid Dolor Y Gloria Pain and Gloria premiere Cannes Film Festival © Joe Alvarez

Cannes Film Festival Beauty – From Beauty Suite to Red Carpet

Beauty at the Cannes Film Festival Cannes Film Festival is a buzzing hub of actors, filmmakers, models and socialites who…

CBD Oil Beauty And Wellness Clinic London

CBD oil is so hot right now. The CBD well-being and beauty expert in London. CBD oil from growers We…
Dick Cheney Christian Bale Make up

Vice Movie Make Up Artistry And Costume Design

During his acceptance speech of the Academy Awards ceremony, Christian Bale thanked Vice make up artists and special effects department…
Joe Alvarez, Dr Shirin Lakhani, Tamara Orlova-Alvarez at the Elite Aesthetics party © JOE ALVAREZ

Hydrafacial Treatment at Elite Aesthetics Clinic

Elite Aesthetics, owned by celebrity doctor Shirin Lakhani, welcomed press and loyal customers for the day of Hydrafacial. With over…
Hair in The Chair Emma Lehane and Joe Alvarez

Hair In The Chair: Trim On The Streets of London For Crisis

One of the most entertaining stylists of London Fashion Week, Emma Lehane - AKA Hair in The Chair - stepped…
Colour correcting concealers hacked: Green Concealer, Purple concealer, blue concealer, yellow concealer, pink concealer, orange concealer

Colour Correcting Concealers Hacked

Anyone interested in makeup will have seen myriad of colour correcting concealers on the shelves at beauty stores and online.…
Paul Banwell speaks about skin care tips

Skin Care Secrets From The Skin Guru And Plastic Surgeon

The world of skin care is changing rapidly with ever more effective products and procedures coming on the market. So…

Johnson & Johnson Journalism Awards 2018 Winners Announced

On the last day of January, the mighty beauty conglomerate announced the winners of the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Beauty…
vaccination-IV vitamin drip

Fly By Night Unregulated Beauty Clinics Are Thriving in London

'Intravenous micro-nutrient therapy' is gaining momentum in natural health care — buoyed by celebrity endorsements and praise from aesthetic professionals…
Ambergris Jovoy Mayfair perfume store launch

Jovoy Paris ‘Designed’ for Fascinating Olfactory Experiences

New perfume boutique Jovoy with focus on exclusivity and the experience of the perfume has opened its doors to the…
'Macron Antoinette' Amidst Makeup Scandal

Emmanuel Macron in Le Pickle After Spending €26,000 on Makeup

French president Emmanuel Macron spent €26,000 (£24,000) on makeup during his first three months as president of France, it has emerged.…
Helen Mirren © Joe Alvarez

Helen Mirren Was Right Moisturisers ‘Do F–k All’

Earlier this week Dame Helen Mirren, face of the skincare brand L’Oreal, has confided that using moisturiser “probably does f---…
Exilis explained

Non-Invasive ‘Fat Removal’ EXILIS Explained by Aesthetics Doctor

Millions of people who eat properly and get regular physical activity, still have stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to…
Acqua di Parma Fragrance Launch: Colonia Pura CEO, Laura Burdese, launching Colonia Pura in London

Acqua di Parma Fragrance Launch: Colonia Pura

The Acqua di Parma’s journey in the creation of fine fragrances has reached an exciting milestone as they launch Colonia…
Subscription Beauty Boxes Review

Not All Beauty Boxes Are Created Equal: The Best & The Worst to Collaborate With

In light of numerous multi-million beauty acquisitions – here and here – in 2016 and 2017, it would be safe…

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