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On the balmy night of the 10th of October, Zari Gallery opened its doors to art enthusiasts, collectors, and distinguished guests for an exclusive Private View of Olga Lomaka’s Aliens’ solo show. This evening featured prominent attendees and luminaries from the art world, including Director of Peace and Colour Gallery Irina Emtseva, Art Advisor Linton Wang, and Founder of ES Gallery Elina Safarova, Film Director Stephen Robert Morse among others.

Coral Bevan, Josh Aspell

The guests gathered to clink champagne and immerse themselves in Lomaka’s extraordinary world of ‘Aliens,’ resulting in a blend of conversation, contemplation, and appreciation for the artist’s unique vision.

“These sculptures are not merely static forms; they are vessels of contemplation, inviting viewers to navigate the intricacies of our ever-evolving world. They speak to the yearning for connection, the search for meaning, and the universal pursuit of understanding.”
— Olga Lomaka

Organiser of the exhibition, Founder and CEO of FprBuro Communications Agency Dmitry Chograshi who counts artists like Olga Lomaka, Natalia Kapchuk, Henry Mova, Maximo Caminero, Peter Opheim, Pavel Polyansky, Daniel Zakh, Gleb Skubachevsky among others said “Through her artistic vision, Olga Lomaka continues to enrich the art world. We are delighted that, due to the hard work of our team in collaboration with the artist, the exhibition unfolded precisely as we had envisioned it and attracted a significant number of art enthusiasts, captivating their hearts with the artist’s pieces.”

With Frieze frenzy arresting the town, the guests were in celebratory spirits as they paid visit to congratulate the artist.

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