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In an exclusive Q&A, Coleen Rooney opens up about her experience filming the revealing Disney+ documentary “The Real Wagatha Christie Story,” providing raw insight into the high-profile legal battle that gripped the nation

The famous WAG thrust in to the public eye at the tender age of 16, Coleen has adorned the magazine covers and spoke from the TV screens for years. This time, she has sat down in a three-day interview session with filmmakers of Dorothy Street Pictures (Pamela, A Love Story) and London Entrtainment for a Disney + Documentary “The Real Wagatha Story”.

Uncovering one of the biggest tabloid news stories in Britain for the last decade, the documentary reveals how Coleen turned amateur online sleuth to find an explanation for why private stories concerning herself and her family continued to appear in the media. Executive Produced by Julia Nottingham, Emma Tutty, Sam Starbuck, Julian Bird, Ed Barratt and Paul Stretford. The series is directed and produced by a BBC Tv Series producer and director Lucy Bowden.

Coleen and the filmmakers sat down with an intimate audience to discuss the making of the series at the BAFTA Piccadilly ahead of the Disney + premiere.

Q: Coleen, how did you find the process of doing interviews and filming for the documentary? Was it emotional revisiting that time?

Coleen: It was hard like the interviews brought up memories because it was a really difficult time that I went through and my family went through with me as well. I think it made me appreciate family time now because during the court case, even though I was physically there looking after my children, mentally I just wasn’t present. So it’s made me appreciate being in the moment again with my family.

Q: Did you find the process cathartic at all, to be able to get closure on it?

Coleen: Not yet, I’m still talking about it so maybe once the year has ended and people have seen it, that will help draw a line under it. I think going into the new year will be a good time to say goodbye to it all.

Q: One thing you said in the documentary was it mattered to you to share all the details, because people still wonder why the court case happened. Do you feel the documentary shows the full story?

Coleen: Yes, I think this documentary brings it all together, the full story from beginning to end. People were just getting bits from the media but this shows the whole process and everything that happened. So it tells it how it was.

Interviewer: That’s really interesting to get more context on your life experiences leading up to the Wagatha situation. How difficult was it to re-live some of those painful personal moments during the filming of the show?

Coleen: It was definitely emotional at times to go back and recount difficult experiences like my sister’s illness and losing my premature baby. But I also found it therapeutic to fully tell my story, the ups and downs. The filming process really allowed me to process it all in a thoughtful way.

Interviewer: The show covers how intense the media scrutiny on you has been for many years. Did reliving that impact your mental health at all during filming?

Coleen: At times, yes. There were days where it felt overwhelming thinking back on the constant press intrusion into my life over the years. But I tried to focus on the bigger picture – telling this story is an opportunity to set the record straight from my point of view. Having the crew with me encouraged me to stay strong.

Interviewer: How do you maintain a sense of normalcy for your family with everything going on publicly?

Coleen: It’s not always easy, but I try my best. Wayne and the kids are my rock. Keeping our private family time sacred helps. And focusing on the positives – like the great charity work I can do and the support I get from fans on social media. I don’t let the heavy media focus take over our home life.

Interviewer: What message or lesson do you hope women take away from your story after seeing this show?

Coleen: To trust their instincts and stand up for themselves when they know something is wrong. Don’t let others take advantage of you. Speak out, even when it’s difficult. And you can get through even the darkest times if you have self-belief and supportive people around you. I want my experience to make others feel empowered.

The three-part series is available on Disney Plus.

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