Colour Correcting Concealers Hacked

Anyone interested in makeup will have seen myriad of colour correcting concealers on the shelves at beauty stores and online. If you ever wondered why so many different colours, read on.

Each shade has a specific hue it is meant to conceal. So understanding colour correcting concealers can be a game changer.

How do colour correcting concealers work?

To understand how colour correction works, it will be helpful to understand the basics of the ‘colour wheel’. The colour wheel is a handy guide to reference colour cancellations – that is, the colours directly opposite one another cancel each other out.

Understanding Colour Correcting Concealers: Colour Wheel

Understanding Colour Correcting Concealers: Colour Wheel

For instance, purple is directly across from yellow on the colour wheel. The colour purple will neutralise the colour yellow. This is why purple concealer works best to cover yellow skin undertones and dull skin. As you look to conceal different skin blemishes, refer to your colour wheel for guidance.

The same colour wheel is also used by colourists. Think of a purple shampoo and conditioner that neutralize yellow blonde.

Colour correcting concealer application

Apply your foundation or tinted moisturiser first. That way you don’t have to use as much of the colour correctors as you would if you put them on your makeup-free face.

Here is what you need to know about concealer colours.

Colour correcting concealers hacked

Colour correcting concealers hacked

  • Green concealer

Hide redness from blemishes, sunburn, rosacea or broken blood vessels. The lighter your natural skin is, the lighter green you should use.

  • Pink & Orange concealer

Balance the blue tones including under eye circles. Use pale pink on light skin, peach on medium skin and orange on darker skin tones.

  • Blue & Purple concealer

Eliminates yellow tones or discolouration. Shades of blue and purple can be applied all over your face. It will brighten and even out the skin tone on dull areas.

  • Yellow concealer

Cancel out purple tones and dark circles. Yellow is also the preferred shade for eyeshadow primers. It is great for evening out the skin tone to give a bright base for foundation.

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