Crossing Over Film Premiere: Great Comedy on a ’Shoe String’ Budget

Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Eastenders), Darren Kent (Blood Drive, Game of Thrones), Jack Vogwill (Game of Thrones) and Celebrity Photographer Joe Alvarez among others attended the premiere of ‘Crossing Over‘ film, held at Cineworld, Canary Wharf.

Update: the film is now available on Amazon Prime – UK and US:

The film by model turned actor and director Mark Haldor, revolves around eight struggling actors who all wrote their own scenes within the umbrella story sewn together by the film director and co-writer. The director commented: “I am so proud to have achieved all we have with this project on such a limited budget. Having Louise Jameson involved transformed the project from a modest short-film concept into a feature-length pilot we intend to evolve into an ongoing TV series.” Johanna Pollet, the Executive Producer, and actor added: “As an actor, this challenging first production has been a beautiful enriching experience, made of great talent and strong team spirit. It made me grow both in front and behind the camera. We’ve got something unique and unusual.”

Photography by Terry Scott

Louise Jameson, who plays agent ‘Angela Winters’ in the film, commented after seeing the film for the first time on the big screen: “What a remarkable achievement these two have achieved, and what a brilliant idea for a TV series accommodating a plethora of new writing and acting talents. I’m delighted and proud to be associated with CROSSING OVER, and hope to be part of its future”.

The presenter on the night who was also part of the crew, Tamara A Orlova commented: “I am thrilled to have been a part of this project. Interviewing members of the audience after the premiere was very rewarding as all of them had so many great things to say about the film”.

The premiere was held in support of Orangutan Foundation and £1000 was raised for the cause thanks to numerous vegan sponsors. Ashley Leiman OBE, the director of ‘Orangutan Foundation’ admitted she loved the film and that it was brave and important support the Orangutan crisis as their needs are often overlooked or not recognised.

With the budget of the entire film disclosed at £1500, it came as a surprise to the audience, considering the film was of impressively good quality. Mark Haldor admitted that post-production took by far the longest time – 2 years – and his editing and graphic design experience were a great asset. Darren Kent, the actor and director himself admitted after the screening that the plot surprised him and he “didn’t see it coming”. “I was laughing so much; all the characters are so well portrayed. And knowing the budget of the film – it is just inspiring.”

Crossing Over Film Trailer

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Tamara Orlova-Alvarez Alvarez Crossing Over Film Premiere Photo Credit: Terry Scott

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