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Eric Cantona, the iconic footballer turned artist, announces his 2024 UK and Ireland tour, “Cantona Sings Eric.” Following a successful debut, he brings a unique blend of personal stories and music to stages in cities like London, Manchester, and Newcastle.

This tour marks a new chapter in Cantona’s illustrious career, transforming from a football hero to a stage performer with a flair for storytelling. The shows, intimate and introspective, feature Cantona alongside a simple yet elegant arrangement of piano and cello. In these performances, Cantona delves into his journey beyond football, exploring themes of life, change, and creativity. His two singles, ‘The Friends We Lost’ and ‘Tu Me Diras,’ are just a taste of what audiences can expect – a mix of English and French lyrics, set against a classic guitar-piano-string combo. Cantona’s voice, known for its distinctiveness on the field, now captivates in a new arena, showcasing his versatility and passion for artistic expression. This tour isn’t just about music; it’s an insight into Cantona’s soul, an opportunity for fans to see a different side of the man they’ve cheered on for years. It’s a blend of nostalgia, art, and the unexpected, sure to leave fans both old and new with a lasting impression.

Tour dates: Wednesday, 10 April ( Liberty Hall, Dublin) – Saturday, 20 April (Palace Theatre, Manchester)

General On Sale Begins Friday 26 January at 10am via LiveNation.co.uk

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.