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This year, International Piano Day falls on March 28th, and Italian composer Fabrizio Paterlini is commemorating the occasion with a special release. His critically acclaimed album, “Riverscape,” is now available in a deluxe edition. 

About “Riverscape” Deluxe Edition

Known for his dreamy, emotional, and oh-so-relaxing piano pieces, Paterlini has been described as “tapping directly into universal human emotions.” His music has been featured in movies, making it perfect for those who love a good cinematic soundscape. This new version of “Riverscape” includes three extra tracks: “Chamber 24,” “Jumping On The Stars,” and “The Wait.” Each one is inspired by the flow, rhythm, and stories carried by water. For those seeking a gift for a music lover in need of a tranquil escape, “Riverscape” is a perfect choice. 

Critics have consistently praised Paterlini’s music for its unique ability to transport listeners to a tranquil state. Described by CLASH as having a “uniquely calming quality, a feel of perpetual flow,” Paterlini’s music is said to evoke a “dreamy realm of sound,” according to Yamaha. TotalNtertainment finds Paterlini’s work to be both “hypnotic and magical,” while The Arts Shelf credits the music with “taping directly into universal human emotions.” “Riverscape” is a collaborative effort between Paterlini and photographer Kristel Schneider. Inspired by Schneider’s captivating photographs of the French Allier River, Paterlini crafted a soundtrack that captures the essence of water—its languages, its scents, and the rich history it carries. 
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Fabrizio Paterlini Live

About Fabrizio Paterlini 

Fabrizio Paterlini, a composer and pianist, was born in Mantua, Italy. He began playing the piano at six years old, and his passion for music continued throughout his life. Paterlini honed his musical skills with formal training at Mantua’s Academy of Arts. He also gained experience playing various genres like rock, pop, and jazz in bands during the 1990s. While performing with these groups, he started composing music, initially focusing on progressive rock. 

By the turn of the century, Paterlini decided to focus solely on the piano, believing it to be the best instrument for expressing his inner creativity. However, he didn’t begin composing solo piano pieces until 2006. His debut album, “Viaggi in Aeromobile,” was released in 2007. The album consisted of well-structured piano pieces that were well received by Italian music critics. Paterlini’s music is known for its emotional depth and is often described with terms like ethereal and soulful.

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.