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Joe Alvarez on judging Britain’s Top Designer

Stylist to the stars Bernard Connolly about Britain’s Top Designer

Naomi Campbell Fashion For Relief Show in Cannes

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It probably won't come as surprise to readers that almost every fashion magazine is losing the battle when it comes to engaging, interesting and insightful read. Fashion editorials now sound more like someone else’s press release and the ever-growing number of interviews is nothing more than an eloquently written ode to the subject in question and everything they lay their eyes on.

We don't like paying lip service to the so-called fashion elite. Instead, Ikon London Magazine will take you to the journey of a different kind. Ikon London is a fashion magazine packed with insightful fashion editorials, industry news, scandals and investigations. We bring you interviews and videos from the most exclusive events on the fashion scene. From London Fashion Week news to the Red Carpet Fashion, we have it all.