‘Fusion’ Exhibition of Sculpture Artist Charles Hadcock

Encounter Contemporary, off Green Park station, hosted ‘Fusion’, an ambitious exhibition of new work by leading contemporary British sculptor Charles Hadcock. In a digital age of instant images and disposable fashion, this captivating collection of cast metal sculptures asks us to take a step back in order to look forward. Through their enduring materiality, they radically refocus our engagement with the rapidly changing contemporary world, forcing us to stop and think. 

In his distinguished career spanning three decades, Hadcock has exhibited in international spaces ranging from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice to the New Art Centre at Roche Court and the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Sussex. ‘Fusion’ coincides with the display of Hadcock’s Hexad III and Folium at ‘Beyond Limits’, Sotheby’s annual monumental sculpture exhibition in the grounds of Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.

In Hadcock’s sculpture his engineering education has found its real outlet. His sculptures are both intermingled and juxtaposed to make perfect geometric shapes.

The innovative material combinations and finishes that Hadcock employs elevate his sculptures to a state which makes them appear almost other-worldly. In many of his new pieces Hadcock employs a unique synthesis of nickel and bronze elements.Charles Hadcock Private View © Joe Alvarez 3591

The sculptor has an uncanny ability to translate the clarity of a thought into a potent physical object. The complex arrangements of Hadcock’s carefully crafted forms are in part dependent on mathematical formulas derived from the Ancient Greeks. Yet even as he is inspired by this lineage the artist playfully reverses its principles. Echoing the abstract geometry of the sculptures, our eyes twist and turn unexpectedly. Moving back and forth they constantly wrestle with the optical puzzle before them, searching for a resolution which may not be present.

Charles Hadcock: I am very much a paper person

Charles Hadcock crafts all his sculptures personally staring with sketches. “I am very much a paper person”, admitted Charles to Ikon London Magazine.” I like sketching my sculptures on the paper. The engineering background helps a lot here”, laughs the acclaimed sculptor. He went on to say: ”Luckily, the craftsmanship is getting back in fashion. People start realising that the handmade pieces have more originality to them and more value. That’s exactly what I do; I complete all my sculptures personally and that’s what makes them so unique”.

It is said that every artwork encapsulates the character of an artist. True, Charles appears to be a very grounded and humble artist, who prefers to deliver as opposed to talk about his works too much. So do his sculptures, looking absolutely monumental and puzzling, they speak for themselves and captivate the imagination.


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Fusion Exhibition of Charles Haddock © Joe Alvarez

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