Wedding accessories
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Each and every bride has their own style. It’s a statement that rings true for any bride-to-be who is working to piece together the ultimate look for her wedding day. Typically, that style is set by the dress itself, which acts as the anchor, but it’s the accessories you choose to wear on your wedding day that really help to customize the look and create that statement you’re striving to make.

For the fashionistas out there, finding a way to include high-end fashion accessories will ensure that the final look is elegant, modern, stylish, and timeless. But what accessories should you consider adding? Here’s a look at the top high-end fashion accessories you’ll want to include in your wedding look.

Wedding accessories
Wedding accessories. Photo: Stocksnap

Designer Shoes

One of the most natural ways to add a touch of high-end fashion is with your footwear. Designer shoes, such as Valentino shoes, are iconic and can often act as the key accessory for your look. You can make sure they are shown off in some of the photos you take before and during the big day, and let them act as that boost of confidence that high-end designer pieces offer.

Joshua Kane x Manolo Blahnik collaboration. Photo courtesy of Joshua Kane
Designer Shoes

Be sure to check out this selection of Valentino shoes available on the SSENSE website to see if you can find a pair that suits your style. Valentino has been around since 1960 and has styled royalty, celebrities, socialites, and fashion icons. SSENSE gives you some edgy, traditional, and high-fashion options to choose from, allowing you to really create your own personal style.

High-End Jewelry

Chopard Red Carpet Collection 68th Cannes Film Festival © Joe Alvarez
One main oversized statement piece of jewellery looks great at every occasion © JOE ALVAREZ

No matter what your individual bride style is, the odds are you’ll be adding jewelry of some sort. You’ve really got two distinct paths you can take here; either an understated elegant approach where maybe you just wear one piece or you can go all out with plenty of bling or one main oversized statement piece.

High-end or designer jewelry in the form of earrings (studs, drop earrings, chandelier earrings), bracelets or cuffs, hair clips or barrettes depending on your wedding hairstyle, a necklace, or a tiara are all common options for brides. Sometimes it can be hard to hold back, as all the pieces tend to be simply stunning, but more is not always better in this case. If you try wearing too many pieces at once, the outfit can lack a sense of cohesion and just appear overdone. Instead, maybe focus on one special high-end piece that can act as the focal point.

The Ultimate Clutch

Then there is your clutch purse, which is perfect for all your little items and essentials you need on-hand and close by. So, why not keep the look going and pick up a designer clutch? Look for one that works with the style and feel of your dress so there is no competition between the two.

Look and Feel Stylish

By including these high-end fashion accessories, you will look and feel stylish on that day, and look back on photos years later with pride.