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‘I am so Pathetic: I Took a Selfie at the Red Carpet’ at the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival Director Thierry Fremaux is known to have ‘banned’ selfies at the Red Carpet of the world’s largest Film Festival back in 2015. Being the most prestigious and conservative, the Cannes Film Festival was thus far successful in avoiding the ‘world cup of the film industry’ becoming a ‘bloggers convention’.

While the ban never really got enforced, the common sense tells us that some things are better done in style. Making a selfie on the Red Carpet of Cannes Film Festival is like going to Royal Ascot in a mini skirt and fishnet tights and tattoos on ya’ arms. “Selfie lovers are slowing down the red carpet and should not be allowed on the Red Carpet,” confirms celebrity photographer Joe Alvarez.

Fast forward to 70th Cannes Film Festival, the subject was again brought to light with the introduction of buttons pinned to the accreditation lanyards, given to every accredited professional. The series of badges features tongue in cheek jokes in French and English and were made up by the Festival staff, according to a Marche du Film.

70 Cannes Film Festival Accreditation Badges

70 Cannes Film Festival Accreditation Badges

The Cannes Film Festival accreditation badges read: “I am so pathetic: I took a selfie on the red carpet’, ”It’s the latest by what’s-his-name, the guy who did that other movie”, “what can you do with your badge?”, “What won the Palme d’Or last year?”, “But we do work in Cannes”, “How come I haven’t been invited?” And the one referring to the improper footwear ban and scandal of the 68th Cannes Film Festival “My dream: to walk the red carpet in flip-flops” among others and we couldn’t agree more that humour is the best way to communicate the serious message to educate the red carpet uncouth.

Just to recap: DO NOT go barefoot on the red carpet -like Julia Roberts did in 2016, – and DO NOT take selfies on the red carpet, oh and er… Do not eat with your mouth open…You get the gist.

… Despite the organisators’ efforts, there is no shortage in supply of ‘pathetic people’ on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival this year:


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