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Renowned South Korean artist Ilhwa Kim holds her 7th solo exhibition in London. Hosted by HOFA Gallery in Mayfair, the exhibition features a retrospective of Kim’s best works from the past 15 years.

Kim is revered for her labor-intensive paper sculpture artworks, crafted using handmade Korean mulberry paper called hanji. For this exhibition, she presents 13 pieces made between 2006 to 2021, with weights ranging from 28 kg to 68 kg. The monumental works showcase Kim’s mastery over the paper medium. Using a technique called jogakbo, she intricately folds, cuts and layers sheets of hanji to create imposing yet delicate organic forms. The neutral tones of the paper are complemented by the works’ complex textures and shadows.

Kim produces her sculptures in a studio outside of Seoul, which she runs together with her husband and collaborator Kim Jeong-hwan. Over the years, they have invented specialized tools to facilitate the creation process. This includes a 16-foot-long wooden lever used to meticulously wrap paper around wax molds. The upcoming works highlight recurring natural motifs like seeds, shells and cocoons. They reflect Kim’s long-standing exploration of paper’s expressive qualities and her deep connection with the environment. For art enthusiasts, the London exhibition offers a rare chance to view a significant selection of Kim’s works in one setting.

Kim’s popularity has risen steadily since her first London show in 2010. Her works now sell for up to six-figures and reside in major collections worldwide. Pieces from this latest exhibition will be priced between £20,000 to £120,000. Fans of Kim’s oeuvre or finely-crafted sculpture should not miss this opportunity to engage with her semantic paper universe.

The show runs until the 11th of October at the HOFA Gallery, Mayfair.