JIVR Electric Bicycle
0 2 mins 7 yrs
  • Best for: The techy train user
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Smartphone dock
  • 19 miles range

This chainless, compact, folding Electric Bicycle has arrived to show Brompton what the future of urban transportation looks like… And it looks very funky.

An electric motor in the front wheel allows you to choose between electric, manual or assisted pedalling modes, with the small and lightweight battery delivering around 19 miles of riding which is disappointing as most electric bicycles have 30 to 60-mile range. A charge from a regular socket takes two hours, which is a bit long compared with the competition.

The sleek, 16kg machine can be fully folded in under 10 seconds to haul it on a bus or train, plus it boasts a neat smartphone dock on the handlebars. A neat addition because a bespoke app gives distance readouts, calories burned and GPS navigation readouts.

I like the design of this machine, aesthetically pleasing and it disposes of the cumbersome and messy bicycle chain. The battery is also hidden, which helps the sleek design look. What I don’t like is the 19 miles range, which I think needs improving as most of the competition does better. The price is also a drawback, as you can now buy great electric bikes for a lot less. But, for its sleek design and versatility with the folding frame it will appeal to many for sure.

From £2,499 | JIVR