Katie Price Make My Wish Come True Book Launch

Katie Price launched her tenth novel Make My Wish Come True this week at the Worx Studios London. She is many things, and among them, a best-selling author. The 36-year-old has freely admitted that she doesn’t actually write her books, but instead comes up with the plots, talks through her ideas with a ghostwriter and then OKs each chapter as they’re written. 

She says: “I like reading books about real-life stuff. I always forget the name… there’s a book about a woman who was captured – the Natascha Kampusch one -3,096 Days-. I like reading books like that and A Child Called It. It fascinates me and revolts me what people can do to other human beings. But I like reading real-life stuff. I suppose the books that I read are quite shocking, but there’s not a book that’s made me cry.

When I was younger I used to like nursery rhymes. But then as I was able to read proper small print I was all into horsey ones, especially a series called Jill -by Ruby Ferguson- and another called Jinny -by Patricia Leitch-. My kids absolutely love reading, but they’re old enough to read themselves so I don’t need to read to them. They did read my children’s books but they’re older now, it’s boring for them now.”

The launch in pictures:

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Katie Price at the Make My Wish Come True Book Launch © Joe Alvarez

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