Lockdown Hauntings: Feature Film Shot During The Lockdown

An Independent Film Director Howard J Ford announced the completion of principal photography on his latest feature film ‘THE LOCKDOWN HAUNTINGS’ shot during the lockdown – with no crew and a stellar cast.

Howard J Ford’s latest feature film ‘THE LOCKDOWN HAUNTINGS’ is a one-man-operation supernatural serial killer film shot during the lockdown and set in various countries in Europe and the US.

While the majority of us were glued to our tellies – some bingeing on Netflix, others watching on the news Western world imploding with protests, – the award-winning director behind The Dead, The Dead 2 India, and Never Let Go Howard J Ford conceived, wrote and shot the film within the space of three months. The director announced the completion of principal photography on his social media in late July.

The synopsis reads: “With the streets now empty, it isn’t just nature that is taking advantage of this unprecedented global disaster. Spirits are freer than ever before and the spirit of a notorious serial killer, AKA ‘The Locksmith’, is back from the dead and he has even more potential victims. Can self-isolating detective George Parker (Angela Dixon) with the guidance of paranormal expert Jordan Myers (Tony Todd), prevent more young women from becoming victims of The Lockdown Hauntings?“

Lockdown Hauntings by director Howard J Ford

Lockdown Hauntings by director Howard J Ford

The director spoke on the mymindpal podcast earlier this summer where he shared with the audience his lockdown experience: “I was meant to have wrapped the production of another ‘climbing movie’ (The Ledge). The film was meant to be in post-production. We were just about to fly out to shoot that film when the virus started rising up in a bad way in the news and the insurance company confirmed we weren’t insured for Coronavirus if we were to go.”

He continued, “so I was sat there as a creative after six weeks, I thought “I wonder if actors would be up for doing a lockdown movie, filming them in their own homes two meters away”. I perhaps made a mistake or, maybe, it was an inspirational moment but I’ve put up a Facebook post asking if actors would be up for it and I got a vast response.”

By his own admission, like a one-man tour – no, he had no groupies you silly; yes, we asked – around the UK he was travelling to actors’ houses and trying to do everything. Our team was assured everything was sanitised and shot from 2 meters apart. We guess the best testament to the diligence of filmmakers is the lack of reported cases after the filming. And if you wonder how did the director shoot Tony Todd who is based in the US, we will leave suspense for you. All shall be revealed in due course.

Whether by a strike of inspiration or by a lucky mistake, the director added yet another notch to his belt – a visually-arresting and haunting (pun intended) trailer was released earlier this week. Along with Tony Todd and Angela Dixon, we also got a glimpse of Heather Peace (London’s Burning, The Chase), Jon Campling (Harry Potter, Adventure Boyz), and Justin Hayward (Adventure Boyz).

The film is reportedly in post-production now with the release date set for the anniversary of UK’s lockdown – not at all poignant – 16th of March 2021. As to the filmmaker himself, he is lacing up his boots – the principal photography of The Ledge is due to start imminently.


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Lockdown Hauntings by director Howard J Ford

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