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With all eyes on Paris this summer for the Olympic Games, there are many ways to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Of course, Parisians know their wines and champagnes, but for a less dehydrating option lets turn our eyes to the legendary tea institute that is Maison Mariage Frères and their beautiful proposition – iced tea.

A modern blend from a historic brand

In 2024, Maison Mariage Frères celebrates 170 years of loving and serving tea. And, I was lucky enough to be there to experience their latest summer offerings.

The luxury tea destination, Mariage Frères, opened its doors in Covent Garden in March 2018. With a staggering selection of nearly 1,000 teas from 36 countries, this French tea house boasts the title of the most exclusive in the world. Alongside the Comptoir de Thé – a haven for exploring tea – Mariage Frères offers a restaurant showcasing tea-infused cuisine and a delightful Salon de Thé for afternoon tea and other delights.

To capture the magic of this extraordinary summer season, they have created a special cold brew tea blend. It combines green tea, vibrant bergamot, graceful rose petals, bright notes of yuzu and the sweetness of mint. It is as if the freshness of a Paris summer day is in the bottle itself!

Packaged in an elegant black glass bottle with a vintage label featuring the Eiffel Tower and blue, white and red ribbons – the colours of the French flag – the blend officially called “PARIS SUMMER” makes a great gift. One bottle has enough loose leaf tea to keep you refreshed throughout the summer, as it contains 160g of loose leaf tea (good for up to 24 litres) and comes with Mariage Frères’ clever Filter-Envelopes™ to make the cold brewing process easier. It takes 1 hour to cold brew one of the most refreshing drinks of the summer!

Sweet delights for your iced tea

To accompany your perfect iced tea, Mariage Frères has created a selection of sweet accompaniments – a “Bon Anniversaire” cream cake and an ice cream sandwich.

The Bon Anniversaire cream cake is an eye-catcher in the form of a sumptuous tricolour flower. This masterpiece of “haute tea patisserie” is a testament to Mariage Frères’ dedication to their craft. It perfectly combines velvety cream, vibrant fruit confit and a hint of white chocolate Chantilly cream, all infused with the delicate notes of the “Paris Summer” tea blend.

For a lighter indulgence, the Ice Cream Sandwich is a generous square of Paris Summer tea ice cream wedged between slices of Genoise cake. Playful polka dots adorn the exterior, making it a delightful grab-and-go treat.

So whether you fancy a decadent cake or a playful ice cream treat, Mariage Frères has the perfect sweet indulgence to complete your journey to a Parisian summer, all without leaving the heart of London.

Address: 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8JS
Website: www.mariagefreres.com

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.