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A New Timeless Image Series Displays the Past Through Images Taken in the Present Day by Six Street Photographers on the New Nikon Z f

Nikon has just released a new image series, an exclusive collaboration with six street photographers to take the viewer on a journey through time. Using the new Nikon Z f camera, each photographer has used light, space, and depth to create illusionary images that pose the question: were they taken now, or in the past?

The image series is a stunning example of how the photographers have used the Z f camera’s incredible functions, including its new Picture Controls, to surpass all expectations of image expression. The result is a series of monochromatic images that span the inherent culture of some of Europe’s most historic cities.

Some of the photographers used textures, shapes, patterns, and light to their advantage, ultimately creating an eerie, yet beautiful, feeling of timelessness. Others, like Helin Bereket, boldly pushed the boundaries of monochrome photography, masterfully blending herself into a contemporary urban backdrop. Meanwhile, Johanna Herrstedt’s work takes a serene and minimalist focus, capturing her essence amidst nature’s beauty.

Photo: Johanna Herrstedt, using Nikon Z f

The Nikon Z f is a full-frame mirrorless camera that boasts a dedicated black and white lever, which enabled these photographers, and other users alike, to seamlessly jump into black and white shooting mode. The new Flat and Deep Tone Monochrome Picture Controls enable flexible control when shooting video as well as stills.

The Z f applies stabilization to the area around the active focus point, wherever it is in the frame. The new camera also offers in-camera 10-bit H.265 recording, and is capable of recording up to 125min of 4K UHD. Further functions have been inherited from the Z 9 including the ability to adjust ISO sensitivity in steps of 1/6 EV and the display of a red frame during video recording.

The photographers had the following to say about their experience with the Nikon Z f camera:

Helin Bereket: “For this project I interpreted the concept of ‘timelessness’ as an amalgamation of different time periods all merged together. To bring this to life, I used elements such as my surroundings, the architecture, my outfit and even the way I posed to represent the specific era I wanted to focus on. This unique mixture of elements, in my opinion, adds a sense of mystery and leaves the audience questioning when the photographs were taken, as there are a number of influences to sway their decision. The Z f was a crucial tool in helping me produce these photos, and the seamless transition to monochrome was so impressive.”

Photo: Helin Bereket using Nikon Z f

Ben Moore: “I want my images to live longer than my own life and therefore being tasked with creating timeless images was a dream! I am lucky in the sense that as a London-based photographer, the city is rich with buildings and architecture that holds onto their heritage, so is the perfect place to explore the notion of timelessness. Working with the Nikon Z f made me feel like a classic photographer, – I was so impressed with how such a beautiful body could harness such incredible technology. Whether it was the incredibly fast auto focus or the dials that helped find the correct exposure settings for a photograph. The camera made photography feel fun and exciting, while wrapping me in nostalgia. And when you have gear that makes your work feel fun, you’re going to want to use it continuously and have it last through the ages – just like the photographs.”

Photo: Ben Moore, using Nikon Z f

This is a truly inspiring series of images, and it is a testament to the power of photography to capture the essence of timelessness. The Nikon Z f camera is a great tool for creating these types of images, and I am sure that it will continue to be used by photographers to create amazing work for years to come.

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.