Camelia Mohebi
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Visual artist Camelia Mohebi is hosting the first solo exhibition of her work at Gallery 54 between January 19th and February the 6th 2022; an exhibition in which the dynamic atmosphere and ambience matches the eclectic nature of the artist herself. Ikon London Magazine was in attendance, and spoke with the artist. Mohebi described how she chose to name this series “Signals” owing to her experience with disengaging with mainstream media and noticing the all-encompassing presence of vibrations in the surrounding world. Camelia also disclosed to Ikon that at least eight of the art works on show were being exhibited for the public the first time ever.

Camelia Mohebi
Camelia Mohebi © @camelia_mohebi

“I did a study on meditation and different forms of subliminal messaging, I started noticing and with lot of self-awareness and self-reflection out came my fascination with vibrations and how it surrounds us”.

Holding a BA in Visual Communications, Graphic Design and Illustration, Camelia’s work engages a range of medias including painting, photography, movement, and mixed media. With a strong interest in people and how individual behaviour is affected by the restlessness

of modern media, Camelia explores these effects in her work. One extensive experiment involved her self-isolating from mainstream media frequency generators for two years and uncovering the profound effects this detachment had upon her own behaviour. She has expanded her own altruistic mindset and learning to help others through Art Therapy and Theta Healing.

No Sound exhibition by Camelia Mohebi © @camelia_mohebi
The World by Camelia Mohebi © @camelia_mohebi

Her current focus lies upon what she terms “Divine Frequency”, whereby she seeks to shed light on the fragility of the subconscious mind and restore balance in an otherwise turbulent and anxiously moving world. Through meditative work, Mohebi holds an increased awareness of subliminal messaging which she reproduces in her art – pieces of which sell for upwards of £10,000. Having also travelled and lived in many different countries, Mohebi seeks to replicate the nuances of these different cultures in the work that she produces, using the variation and fragmentation of light, colour, and sound.

In this most recent exhibition, Camelia spoke about how she has spent over five years working on her pieces to ready them for public display – this after the two years she spent isolating herself from mainstream media. Many of the pieces on display at Gallery 54 were created with various types of drums as a base – reinforcing the concept of vibrations that Mohebi has been herself researching. Drums she sees as an inherent part of human life, spanning through different cultures; through weddings, funerals, rituals. The exhibition at Gallery 54 also featured a tailorised drum performance, incorporating a unique element to the evening fitting perfectly with Mohebi’s style of art.

No Sound exhibition by Camelia Mohebi © @camelia_mohebi
Signals exhibition by Camelia Mohebi © @camelia_mohebi

Artists, film-makers and general appreciators of art were in attendance, including acclaimed milliner Victoria Grant, creative director Erica Bergsmeds, and actress Jennifer Saunders. The event was also catered for by Comptoir Libanais, to accompany Mohebi’s Middle Eastern background.

 Having discovered a passion for art at a young age, Mohebi excelled at nurturing her own creative interests prior to engaging in her art-based studies before sharing them and her learned concepts with the world.

Camelia Mohebi

Exhibition ongoing at 54 Gallery, Shepherd Market, London, W1J 7QX

Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

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