What are the best UK beaches for Easter 2024?
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With the Easter holidays approaching, many Brits are likely dreaming of a refreshing escape by the sea. Whether it’s a short day trip or a relaxing long weekend, a coastal getaway can provide a welcome dose of sunshine, stunning scenery, and delicious seafood. But with numerous beaches to choose from, deciding where to head can be overwhelming.

To help you plan your perfect Easter coastal trip, cinch, an online car buying platform, conducted a study analysing the top 20 traveller-favourite beaches across the UK. They considered several factors that are important to beachgoers:

  • Warm Climate: Who wants to be shivering by the sea? Average March temperatures were a key consideration.
  • Instagram Popularity: Some may prioritise capturing picture-perfect moments for social media. Hashtag use on Instagram was analysed.
  • Affordable Parking: Let’s face it, parking fees can add up. Average parking prices were factored in.
  • Fish and Chips: A quintessential British seaside treat! The number of fish-and-chip shops near each beach was evaluated.

Top Contenders for Your Easter Escape:

Based on cinch’s analysis, here are the top three contenders for your ideal Easter seaside adventure:

  • Camber Sands, East Sussex: This beach emerges as the overall winner. If you’re looking for a combination of sunshine and stunning views, Camber Sands should be at the top of your list. With an average March temperature of 10°C, it boasts one of the warmest climates on the list. Additionally, the vast expanse of golden sand and breathtaking panoramas are sure to impress.
  • Barafundle Bay, Wales: This hidden gem takes the prize for budget-conscious travelers. If you’re looking to save some money on your Easter break, Barafundle Bay could be the perfect destination. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach without paying for parking. Furthermore, Barafundle Bay boasts the highest concentration of fish and chip shops in the vicinity, a delight for those seeking the classic Good Friday seafood tradition.
  • Brighton Beach, East Sussex: This vibrant beach reigns supreme on social media. For those who value capturing memorable moments on their Easter getaway, Brighton Beach is a perfect choice. This iconic location boasts the most Instagram hashtags among the analysed beaches. With its famous pier, pebbled shoreline, and energetic atmosphere, Brighton Beach offers a unique and lively seaside experience.
Brighton Beach. Photo: cinch.co.uk

Alternative Options for Easter on the Beach:

The study also revealed several other exciting beach destinations that cater to diverse preferences:

  • For Mild Temperatures: If you’re looking for a slightly warmer option but can’t make it to Camber Sands, consider Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk. This charming coastal town boasts an average March temperature of 9°C, making it the second-mildest spot on the list.
  • For the Picture Perfect View: While Brighton dominates Instagram, other beaches like Bournemouth Beach (Dorset) and Scarborough Beach (North Yorkshire) also rank highly in terms of photo-worthy landscapes.
  • For Free Parking: Looking to save on parking costs? Besides Barafundle Bay, Hengistbury Beach (Dorset) and Horsey Beach (Norfolk) offer free parking spaces near the beach.

Methodology of this study by cinch:

To ensure accurate results, cinch used reliable data sources for their beach analysis:

Source: https://www.cinch.co.uk/guides/ask-the-experts/perfect-easter-coastal-road-trip

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.