Marco Sangion. Photo courtesy of Quaglino's
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Quaglino’s Bar, synonymous with style, glamour and great cocktails since its establishment in 1929, is to promote the awareness of sustainability with an innovative and highly conceptual new cocktail menu. Quaglino’s new sustainable menu ‘The Science Of Sustainability’, is a thought-provoking menu in three parts that explore global environmental issues of the past, present, and future through cleverly designed drinks.

‘The Science Of Sustainability’ was devised by Quaglino’s bar team led by Bar Manager Marco Sangion and Head Mixologist Federico Pasian. Using inventive techniques such as milk clarifications, sous vide infusions, and butter washing, the menu has been designed to be as much a visual experience as one of taste and flavour. From root infused drinks that symbolise deforestation to futuristic bespoke serves that represent the mounting problem of space debris, unusual ingredients and thoughtful flavour combinations are matched by an ingenious presentation.

Separated into three sections, Past, Present and Future, the menu takes the guest on an enlightening journey that explains the path of sustainability through cocktails. Beginning with the ‘Past’, drinks such as Let’s Be Clear and Roots set out the menu’s narrative by pinpointing the key factors in human history that have contributed to global warming. The menu then addresses the ‘Present’ and with it our awareness of the need for sustainability and the issues that are in the news today. Finally, the ‘Future’ section is both a look into new challenges we may face and a hopeful look into the technological and scientific advances that will produce a greener more sustainable world for us all.

Examples from Quaglino’s new sustainable menu include:

Quaglino's New Sustainable Menu. Photo courtesy of Quaglino
Let’s Be Clear cocktail Photo courtesy of Quaglino

Let’s Be Clear (Past)

Santa Teresa rum 1796, gosling’s Black, antica formula, clear milk, vanilla, spices and bitters, gold and nutmeg.

“Sustainable development is a process that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The Q Project (Present)

Havana 3yo, Sous Vide Banana, Amontillado Sherry, lime, Jaggery and chocolate bitters.

“Ending poverty and achieving shared prosperity will require more than economic growth, it will require less fortunate people themselves to be at the heart of the solution.”

This is in collaboration with The Hunger Project UK, we will donate £1 to charity for every cocktail sold

Tornados (Future)

Hennessey Fine de Cognac, 10-year-old Madeira, Quaglia Liquore di Camomilla, 30’40, Grapefruit, Clouds.

“An average 100mph tornado can generate up to 10 megawatt-hours of power, about the same as a large utility plant. Now Canadian engineer Louis Michaud says he has figured out a way to trap a twister and make it spin indefinitely, generating a cheap, virtually limitless source of energy.”

Quaglino’s teamed up with Hunger Project UK

Marco Sangion. Photo courtesy of Quaglino's
Marco Sangion. Photo courtesy of Quaglino’s

For ‘The Science Of Sustainability’, Quaglino’s Bar has teamed up with Hunger Project UK and food waste collection service, Indie Ecology, and made sure that every aspect of the menu adheres to the values of its message. Metal and pasta made straws are lowering wastage. Local, organic products are used everywhere possible to reduce transportation costs and the menu itself is made out of recycled materials.

Bar Manager, Marco Sangion says this about Quaglino’s new menu: “Last year we told the history and the heritage of Quaglino’s to the world through our cocktails, today we want to contribute to promote sustainability awareness among those who follow us.”

Quaglino’s closing the loop with its new procurement scheme

Marco Sangion shared with Ikon London Magazine at the exclusive menu tasting that Quaglino took a serious stance on sustainability. “We source as many raw products as possible from English farms and all Quaglino restaurant food leftovers are used as compost by our suppliers. That way, we are closing the loop and maintain a sustainable sourcing.”

The new menu is now available at Quaglino’s.