Rachel Anthony Styling Suite at The Hilton Park Lane

Who doesn’t love a shopping spree every now and then? No need to answer. As a society, we spend today more than we have ever spent before. But the unimaginable diversity of styles, cuts, and patterns every season can be overwhelming to some. Perhaps even more so for public figures, whose attires are scrutinised by the world media. One mistake and anyone risks being mocked and degraded from ‘style icon’ to ‘the top worst dressed’.  Even likes of elegant Cate Blanchet and  Taylor Swift were all victims of crowd opinion at one point or another. 

Rachel Anthony Hilton

Rachel Anthony

Being extremely busy as public figures are, I can’t blame them for not having time to follow the latest in fashion. But how do they always –almost – manage to look so impeccable and current when on the red carpet or a Royal dinner. Flicking through the pages of magazines or newspapers this idea keeps crossing my mind. That’s why I was so excited when London Hilton on Park Lane invited us to attend the press launch of an exclusive partnership with renowned stylist Rachel Anthony. A very recent collaboration of Hilton Hotel hit the nail on the head… of wealthy visitors. 

“Whether guests at London Hilton on Park Lane are looking for an outfit for a special occasion or a whole new wardrobe, Rachel offers the opportunity to receive a one to one personal styling session for men and women from the comfort of their suite,” said Victoria Quigley.  And who else if not Rachel Anthony! Rachel, who has dressed celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Lisa Snowdon and Kate Moss, for events including Oscars, BAFTA, MTV Awards and Royal Ascot among many others, has curated a ‘bespoke menu’ for hotel guests looking to up their style stakes. Rachel Anthony red carpet

This was only possible of course, thanks to her experience and personal relationships with designers. It looks like nothing is out of reach for Rachel. Her clients not only get private appointments with top fashion houses but the boutiques even go into such length as to rearrange the merchandise especially for the visit (!). No valuable time is spent for searching for the right size! The service is even more tailored when designers come to London Hilton Park Lane visitors.

Rachel Anthony: my job is about understanding

Bianca Balti © Joe Alvarez 34545

Bianca Balti at the Venice Film Festival

As Rachel Anthony admits herself that her job is largely about understanding what will make her Client feel comfortable in their skin. Practicality goes a long way and particular consideration is given to the purpose of the attire.

“In a context of seated dinner you would normally have different requirements towards your wardrobe compared to let’s say simply reception or parading down the red carpet if client doesn’t intend to stay at the event for longer” says Rachel.

She continued, “Same goes for different galas and events like Ascot for example. Ascot keeps changing their requirements fairly frequently and it is paramount to stay on the top of the latest.”

Rachel’s mind is full of useful style hacks and tips that she was glad to share with the audience. Tiny things that we just brush off as unavoidable inconvenience have no place in the wardrobes of Rachel’s’ clients. Style hacks like suggesting to finish a ribbon belt with leather so that the bow tie will won’t slip on one side. Dealing directly with designers and sourcing for bespoke couture attires, all tricks of the trade are absorbed in Rachel’s mind, ready to serve the cause.

Acclaimed personal stylist’s must-have wardrobe item – and my personal too – a ‘killer’ jacket that will not only transform your look instantly but will also make you feel more confident. It will project in how you behave and everyone will notice the difference. True, I still have the image of model Bianca Balti on the red carpet of Venice Film festival. Killer coat and diamonds in her case.

For more information and to book your personal styling session email: [email protected]


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Rachel Anthony presentation at Hilton Park Lane © Tamara A Orlova

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