Rule of Law Around the World Index: Most and Least Corrupt Countries

The World Justice Project developed the WJP Rule of Law Index to serve as a quantitative tool that measures the rule of law in practice. The Index’s methodology and comprehensive definition of the rule of law are the products of intensive consultation and vetting with academics, practitioners, and community leaders from more than 100 countries and 17 professional disciplines.

The scores and rankings of the eight factors and 44 sub-factors of the Index draw from two sources of data collected by the WJP in 113 countries:

1. A General Population Poll (GPP) conducted by leading local polling companies, using a representa ve sample of 1,000 respondents in the three largest ci es of each country;

2. Qualifed Respondents’ Questionnaires (QRQs)

consisting of closed-ended questions completed by in-country practitioners and academics with expertise in civil and commercial law, criminal justice, labour law, and public health.3

Taken together, these two data sources provide current, firsthand information about the experiences and perceptions of a large number of people. Their insights address the government, the police, the courts, the state’s open- ness and accountability, the extent of corruption, and the magnitude of common crimes to which the general public is exposed.


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