Spencer Matthews on Sobriety: I Never Looked Back

Spencer Matthews spoke about quitting drinking, the role his wife Vogue played in his positive change, and motivation as part of ‘Tap into Success’ panel discussion, courtesy of Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack.

The Chelsea TV personality Spencer Matthews’ recent lifestyle changes were unanimously praised in the media for the last two years. Namely, once one of the most desired bachelors and Middletons’ in-law found his success in personal and professional life, largely thanks to sobriety.

Spencer Mathews at the World Premiere of The Expendables 3 © Joe Alvarez

Spencer Mathews © JOE ALVAREZ

What prompted Spencer Matthews to change

Spencer appeared on our screens from his living room, comfortably slouching on his sofa. He reiterated to the audience that the major change in his life could be attributed to his wife and mother of his two children Vogue Williams. “I drank to excess pretty regularly through my twenties,” Spencer described his lifestyle succinctly. “I was a social drinker and it was normalised by my friends. Until one day it dawned at me that my full potential was evaporating and these audacious goals I had for life were evaporating. They were never to happen.”

The entrepreneur expanded: “I wasn’t pulling my weight much around the house when Vogue was pregnant because I had a drink in my hand. Again, not inherently, but it makes you a bit lazy, a bit less there for your partner. I began to realise ‘maybe I’m never gonna be this amazing father I imagines I was going to be. And maybe I’m not going to achieve these things in business that I thought I would. And I thought maybe it is just the drinking and so I cut out and three or four days in I began to feel different.”

He further added: “There is a very good chance my wife would have left me if I carried on drinking the way I was drinking. For the first time in my life I put her first. And then I got completely hooked on it. I can hear she respects my opinion and me as an individual and it’s very important to me. There are very few people whose respect is very important to me and hers definitely is.”

Spencer admitted that he got ‘a lot more clarity and drive’ and then he became addicted to that instead. “I don’t see myself as being in recovery. I see myself as someone who’s made a decision that my life is much better off without this anchor I had attached to me. And it’s really hard to look back.”

It’s true, one could see Spencer surrounded by pals clutchings bottles, cans, and glasses – Ikon has amassed more than a few of those images throughout the years.

Persevering with positive change

For anyone trying to quit a bad habit, there might be times in the beginning when one can feel a bit ‘sanctimonious’, according to Matthews. “You think it’s very easy ‘I don’t need alcohol so maybe I throw in a few drinks here and there. I’ve had my ups and downs with it.”

Spencer warned us about the challenges. In his case, it was his social circles and, admittedly, he had to let go of some acquaintances. “Our social behavior normalizes bad habits. Not everyone has the same aspirations, goals, will power. You have to make some small sacrifices in order to be who you want to be. It’s part of growing up. People should very much go on their own journey in your life.”

Assuming that you have all the answers is a very strange move. I apply this thinking to business: “why would you have all the answers to every question? You surround yourself with good intelligent people. Spend time with people you admire or respect.

Failure as a key to success

Spencer Matthews, Jaime Laing Francis Boulle & Oliver Proudlock Anchorman 2 London Premiere © Joe Alvarez

Not taking himself seriously, Spencer Matthews at the premiere of Anchorman 2 © JOE ALVAREZ

Having hurdles is very important, according to Spencer. “It’s important to remind yourself that you will fail at times. You can’t smash through every challenge and every barrier. You will fail ever so often.”

It’s what you do with the failure that maters to the entrepreneur: “Turn the failure into an experience and learn from it and be more prepared. Be relaxed regardless of the size of the problem is a very good approach. If you think that having a drink once is you failing miserably, that’s not how the failure looks like.”

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Spencer Mathews at the World Premiere of The Expendables 3 © Joe Alvarez

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