The Killer. Michael Fassbender as an assassin in The Killer. Cr. Netflix ©2023
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Some Netflix titles are released only modestly at cinemas – for example, to qualify for consideration in the year’s BAFTA Film Awards, which requires a qualifying film to play at least seven days in 10 sites. That is evidently not the case with David Fincher’s The Killer, and a majority of the venues participating in BFI Indie Cinemas chart sent admissions numbers for the film. Netflix does not permit publication of box office numbers, so we have redacted The Killer from our own chart. (Had BFI not done so, Fincher’s film would have landed in second place in this chart.)

Per exhibitor websites, The Killer is currently playing at 22 Picturehouse venues, 25 in the Everyman chain and 13 Curzons. Altitude is booking the film into cinemas on behalf of Netflix.

Michael Fassbender stars in this adaptation of a French graphic novel series, as a hit man who seeks revenge against the bosses who try to eliminate him after his latest assignment goes awry. In a propulsive new trailer for The Killer, we get a glimpse at the titular assassin’s many disguises, routines, and methods of mayhem. “If I’m effective, it’s because of one simple fact,” he coolly narrates. “I. Don’t. Give. A. F—.” You can find out more about The Killer below. But not too much. You wouldn’t want him to track you down.