Christina Estrada © Joe Alvarez
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By day, Cannes Film Festival is buzzing with the suited and booted press, media and celebrities, dipping out in and out from the press centre. Endless dinners and cocktail parties keep busy the rest of the attendees. By night, however, Cannes becomes a place for exclusive parties and debauchery. But the Infilmity Productions redefined debauchery at the Cannes Film festival in 2017. The all-women production team celebrated the release of their first production, Snowbound Film at a luxury villa near the Martinez Hotel. 

The film features a LOT of nudity and scenes of violence and so the guests were treated to the strip and dominatrix show throughout the night – perhaps immersing us too vividly into the scenes of the film with chains and ropes. Christina Estrada, the ex-supermodel who snapped £75M from her ex-husband Sheikh Walid in her divorce settlement along with celebrity photographer Joe Alvarez, models Olivia Arben and CJ Franco was in attendance. The DJ duo Laura Pradelska and Lara Fraser also hit the party, straight after arriving at Cannes on a private jet.

The film screens on 24th May in Cannes. In the meantime, here’s the night in pictures to get a feel of what to expect from the film.