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Was Notre Dame Fire Arson? The video below clearly shows a man on Notre Dame rooftop acting suspiciously. The man seems to be setting off ‘flashes’ around the rooftop.

Credit: Francois Guillot/Getty

Despite the painfully unprofessional narration of this video, its worth watching in full. It also shows former chief architect and general inspector of French historical monuments Benjamin Mouton, expressing on French TV his belief that this fire was not accidental. The video source was from ViewSurf.com Notre Dame webcam.

Video Shows Man ‘Lighting’ Up ‘Flashes’ on Rooftop

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: Suspicion After Hundreds of French Churches Vandalised

Update: Former Notre Dame Architect “Stunned” at Pattern of Blaze and there’s evidence of the fire having started in two places at the same time