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When it comes to romantic gestures, the cheese and wine hamper sits comfortably between “tried and true” and “effortlessly chic,” making it the Swiss Army knife of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Whether you’re in the butterfly stages of a new romance or have been together so long you’ve started to resemble each other, this classic combo has got you covered. Here’s why this pairing is a winning strategy for igniting new flames and fanning old ones alike.

For Those Sparkling New Romances:
Classy Icebreaker: Nothing says “I’m sophisticated yet approachable” like a curated selection of cheese and wine. It’s the adult version of sharing your crayons, but with a better aftertaste.
Low pressure, high reward: it’s hard to misstep with cheese and wine. Unless your date is lactose intolerant or a teetotaller, in which case, oops! But for the rest, it’s an easy win.

For the Time-Tested Lovebirds:
A Toast to Your Journey: Each bottle can represent a chapter in your shared history, preferably the good parts. The cheese? Well, it’s there to remind you both of the richness of your time together.
Rekindle Over Camembert: Sharing a cheese and wine hamper can reignite that spark, proving that romance doesn’t age—it just gets better, like a fine wine or a particularly robust cheddar.

Terra Organica and Mouse & Grape Special Hampers
If there were ever a masterclass on doing cheesy right, Terra Organica and Mouse & Grape would be leading the seminar, demonstrating the fine art of pairing sublime cheeses with the perfect wines. Jessica Summer founded Mouse & Grape, turning it into a go-to spot for fancy cheese and wine with a side of smarts. She’s all about mixing high-end bites with a sip of education, making sure each hamper tells a tale or two. Think of it as your cheese course with a lecture, minus the boring bits.

The ‘Sent with Love’ hamper, priced at £45, is a beautifully curated selection that features the soft, ice cream-like texture of La Tur, an Italian mixed milk cheese, alongside the refreshing notes of Terra Organic Prosecco. This hamper is a dance of creamy richness and crisp fruitiness, enhanced by the inclusion of damson jam and cherry and linseed crackers. It’s an intimate gift designed for 1-2 people, offering a touch of luxury and the option to include a personal Valentine’s message, making it an ideal choice for expressing love across any distance.

Elevating the gifting experience, the ‘Love Is In The Air’ hamper, at £75, is a luxurious ensemble designed to pamper and delight. It brings together a selection of gourmet cheeses—La Tur, Gorgonzola Dolce, and Golden Cross—complemented by the sparkle of Terra Organica Prosecco. The inclusion of an exclusive Ambustum rose and black pepper candle sets a romantic ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This hamper, too, allows for a personalised message, ensuring that your gesture of love is as unique as your relationship.

“Love Is In The Air” Hamper

So, circle February 12th on your calendar—it’s the cutoff for ensuring these bundles of joy land on your doorstep in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s your chance to make this year’s celebration unforgettable, and let’s be honest, a little bit of cheese never hurts anyone, especially when it’s paired with the perfect wine.

But hey, if the date slips by you, don’t sweat it. Place your order anyway, and when it arrives, remember: any day can be transformed into a grand celebration with the right wine and cheese in hand. After all, who says romance or indulgence are only for Valentine’s? Every day is a perfect day for a little love and luxury!

Elena Leo is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor of Ikon London Magazine.