Why You Should Buy from Independent Designers

5 Reasons to buy from independent designersBefore you decide which purse looks best with your new dress or what accessories will match your shoes, you have an even more important decision to make regarding your clothing. Where to shop for your clothing. In most cases, supporting independent designers is a far better choice than tossing your money to the big brands. And here’s why:

Independent designers are transparent about their processes. 

When you buy a shirt made by a big brand in China, you’ll never know if the workers were treated fairly or sustainable farming practices were used to make the cotton, but independent designers often have smaller supply chains and hence better visibility and control over sourcing.

You won’t have to worry about three of your coworkers turning up in the same outfit.

Small independent designers are pretty good at producing a limited number of garments which means that there is almost no chance you will turn up to the event in the same dress as your bff.

You are promoting local culture.

The big clothing companies tend to create many low-paying jobs overseas. Independent designers, on the other hand, create jobs locally, which stimulates the economy.

Buying from independent designers can be an educational experience.

Many are happy to tell you about the ways they come up with new designs, how they find sustainable fabric, and more.

Truly personal experience.

Many small independent designers go extra mile for their customers and will wrap your parcel themselves (if ordered online). Artisan packaging and hand-written notes are not rare. This might be the closest you can get to receiving a proper postcard.

Estonia is the country of IT, Skype and E-Citizenship. But also, some unique designers. Below we have selected a few independent designers from Estonia for you.

Liina Stein

From prom dresses to LBD, the website is full of pretty dresses. The collection below however, is something quite different. In this collection, feminine dresses are paired with black leather belts that the user is free to style in myriad of different ways; the same dress will look different every time you re-style the belts!

All dresses are made in Estonia and can be delivered worldwide, within 2 working days if you opt in for express shipping.

You will have 14 days to return the item, with tags attached of course.

Made-to-measure and bespoke orders are also possible from distance.



Beauty, charm and dedication to the highest quality are the keywords that lay in the heart of JUKOCUTE’s brand meaning.

All handbags in the collections are 100% handmade in Italy from superior quality materials such as vitello, nappa, capretto and other leathers, handmade fabrics, fur, details from metal etc. Each piece is created with highest accuracy and attention to detail.


Krsitina Viirpalu

KV is an exclusive luxury brand that has been around for a decade. All garments are handcrafted in the Kristina Viirpalu’s studio; one stich, bead and intricate detail at a time. It can take up to 4 months to produce each piece so let’s hope you will be lucky to find your size on the website.

KV deliver worldwide and in stock items will be shipped within few days from placing the order. As to the special orders, KV website has a really simple step-by-step guide with pictures where the customer can insert their measurements needed for making the garment. You will be notified of progress and the approximate time of delivery. The 4-months’ waiting time is the absolute maximum. Most products are likely to be finished within couple of weeks.

Since KV garments are mostly bespoke made, returns are accepted for in-stock garments in case of wrong size or faults in sewing/knitting etc. But no returns on garments made on measurements based on the ones inserted by clients. A word of comfort: most KV garments are pretty flexible and will fit to many sizes at once.


Triinu Pungits

Triinu is not entirely unknown to the UK.

Having previously been featured in British Vogue and showcased at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week, Triinu continues to present bi-annual collections; garments that are both quirky and aesthetically pleasing.


KUMA Design

All butterfly brooches are crafted by skilled artists using real leather and expressive colours. Choose the one that best captures the essence of your soul. And don’t forget your friends and loved ones. Butterfly brooches make an excellent gift – a truly eye-catching statement for expressive types!

KUMA love to upcycle! All butterflies are made of leftover leather from soft furniture manufacturers, therefore giving new life to the production waste that would otherwise be left unused or thrown away.

KUMA ship to the UK within 5 – 7 days, all beautifully packaged. You will have up until 30 days to change your mind, provided that all items were unused and in same condition as received.


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