The Neyk Submarine Can Explore The Ocean Depths In Luxury With Up To 20 Passengers

Those of you with plenty of disposable income searching for a new toy to allow you to explore the depths of the ocean may be interested in the Neyk Submarine which has been created to enable you to explore under the waves in luxury.

With a submerged displacement of between 103 and 108 tonnes, this is no small submarine and is capable of taking up to a maximum of 20 passengers, offering a low noise signature and high shock resistance design. Its makers claim the sleek vessel is ‘agile as a shark’ -over-excited PR BS speak- with a ‘virtually noiseless engine’, and that its lighting and air conditioning systems will be custom designed for each client’s specific needs. The Neyk, a collaboration between Ocean Submarine and Rolls-Royce, is currently being built in the Netherlands with the first prototype expected to be ready in January 2018.

The official website explains more about the luxury submersible:

“The Neyk Luxury Submarine is the most maneuverable submarine in the world and it has an ultramodern teardrop-shaped design. Even the superstructure merges fluently into a teardrop shape and is as smooth and slender as possible. The Neyk Submarine S 1 is modularly designed and available in either a 10, 12, 16 or 20 passenger configuration.

Every shipowner will have their boat customized to their own ideas and to meet their ideas of usage and luxury. Why should a submarine be different? That is why your NEYK comes exactly as you specified it. Together with our technicians, you can make your dream come through by any high-end designer you like. And of course, the complete interior will be built by a master craftsman team for a smashing result”. 

Unfortunately, no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet.

Power and propulsion

The main propulsion of the NEYK is provided by two electrical nearly noiseless motors that are placed in two pods outside the pressure hull. The pods are specially designed to give the propellers more efficiency up to five percent and provide extra cooling at low speed. The revolutionary design also provides

low drag and a very low underwater noise signature.

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Neyk Submarine

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