Tom Cruise is on top form at the Jack Reacher 2 European Premiere

The red carpet at the Leicester square London was in high demand this week. The European premiere of yet another mega box office hit Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back, starring the venerable Tom Cruise, has attracted the attention of the media and hundreds of onlookers. Not surprisingly, Tom Cruise was in fine fettle despite having come straight from the airport from a long Los Angeles flight. Cruise’s eagerness might be explained by the fact that Jack Reacher is now competing, neck and neck, with the most recent release of The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick which premiered in London just two days earlier. 

At the premiere, Cruise kept it cool as always and was brilliant with the press and fans as always. He was joined on the red carpet by gorg co-stars Danika Yarosh and Cobie Smulders.

He is one of my favourite actors and utterly professional with the media giving exactly what we need and on TIME. The first film of the sequel, Jack Reacher (2012), has seen a relative success earning $15.2 million. One can argue that this sequel wasn’t really needed.

We have got a plethora of better Tom Cruise action-hero films and this is a slight disappointment in comparison. It’s all a bit too earnest and humourless. And this is all trying to compete in an oversaturated hero movie market. We have the suave James Bond, Batman and the zingy one-liner machines as the Marvel superheroes. There’s also zero sexual chemistry between the star and his leading lady despite Cobie Smulders being a wisecracking beauty in real life. He and Smulders spend most of the film acting like a weary, harassed couple ten years too long into their marriage and irked by everything each other does. 

Despite that, Tom still remains one of the greatest action actors of our time.

Jack Reacher London Premiere © Joe Alvarez

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher London Premiere © Joe Alvarez 4Tom Cruise Jack Reacher London Premiere © Joe Alvarez 1Tom Cruise Jack Reacher London Premiere © Joe A

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Tom Cruise Jack Reacher 2 premiere © Joe Alvarez

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