AMR SAAD Eyewear and Jewellery launches in SOHO, LONDON

AMR SAAD launches in London with the launch of its new collection at the Never Fade boutique in Soho at the end of May.

Established in 2015 by Florentine trained, Egyptian born metal artist and jeweller Amr Saad, AMR SAAD artisanal eyewear creations are individually handcrafted by the designer himself and his craftsmen using time-honoured techniques, lending quintessential functionality to these avant-garde tools of self-expression that speak to this eclectic style connoisseur.

Saad, who launched his first eyewear collection in 2005, is known for signature metals of gold and silver, dominant shapes in the line include rounds and square-aviators, with each progressive creation carrying a story of its own, revolving around concepts of ‘raw human perception and emotion.’

Amr Saad’s pieces are designed for those who wear eyewear and jewellery as self-expression and connect through the stories behind each piece. All the pieces included in his eyewear as well as his jewellery feature in 2 annual collections – “Unity” and “Gentlemen” – make a uniquely modern and impactful statement about the person who wears it.

“I aim to shape precious metal into forms that converse with both intellect and emotion to a point where the wearer considers them as part of their identity.”- Amr Saad. London, S/S 2018 


The Gentlemen Collection

The Gentlemen Collection is a reflection of the beaux-vieux temps of men’s fashion. It is classically handmade in 18k gold, 14k rose gold and 925 silver. The collection is drawn in abstract and geometrical forms to expand diversity in men’s fashion. With an on-look of tomorrow, the Gentlemen collection foreshadows trends that merges and ‘unifies gender in fashion.’

The collection features rings, cufflinks, collar pins , earrings, bracelets, flasks & scissors. The Gentlemen collection is divided into Jewellery and the A-liners eyewear collection.

The Amr Saad collection will launch in London’s Never Fade concept boutique in Soho in end of May, with 200 piece collection featuring eyewear and jewellery.

Interview with Amr Saad

We met up with Amr to ask a him few questions:

  • How did you get into designing jewellery and eyewear?

I went to Florence, Italy to learn jewellery making. From there my mind stretched to how jewellery can have many different forms from rings or bracelets to eyewear or a watch.

  • Where do you draw your inspiration?

I go around always carrying my sketchbook, but prefer a quiet comfy place where I don’t have distractions.

  • How did you make the transition into eyewear design?

Launched the brand with an eyewear collection and then followed with the Jewellery lines

  • What makes you so passionate about eyewear?

It was very challenging for me to find an intimate handcrafted piece. That was what made me do it. I wanted to make one by hand and with a different design than usual eyewear.

  • In what ways has your jewellery design background influenced the design your sunglasses?

In the way I make them – how I apply jewellery techniques and the metals used, either silver or gold.

  • Do you remember the first pair of sunglasses you owned?

Yes, it was a Dunhill piece took it from my father!


  • What are your future plans ?  

To have the first store open in London.


  • Who is your favourite designer?

Alexander McQueen


  • What advice would you have for aspiring jewellery and eyewear designers?

Be different and invest time in your concept.


  • What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?

Actually I remember every piece I did

I truly value all of them

  • Who would you most like to see wearing your pieces?

Someone who can relating to them and be happy wearing them.


  • What was the best advice you received?

Don’t lose your soul.


  • What has been the single most important jewellery or eyewear-making skill you’ve learned and why?

Casting jewellery, because this was what made me see what can be done using precious metals.


  • What does a typical day look like for you as a designer?

Workout, studio and workshop.


  • What challenges do you face in your work?

Materials costs and craftsmen.


  • In your opinion, what do you feel has been the biggest advancement in the jewellery and eyewear industry over the past 10 years?

New concepts and different approaches by brands and stepping a bit out of the industrial mass era.

Amr Saad’s collections can also be found in the online store –

London launch event TBA. Watch this space.

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