The 6 Greatest Cholesterol Myths Debunked

Could it be that pretty much everything your doctor and the media has had you believe about high cholesterol and…

Another Vaccine Cover-Up Revealed

Today Sharyl Attkisson investigates one of the biggest medical controversies of our time: vaccines. There’s little dispute about this much-- vaccines…

Doctors’ Suicide Rate Higher Than Any Other Profession

One doctor commits suicide in the U.S. every day -- the highest suicide rate of any profession. And the number…

Human Brain Project: EU’s €1Billion Plan to Grow Silicon Brains in Labs

Human Brain Project: EU's €1BILLION plan to grow SILICON BRAINS in a lab A EUROPEAN UNION (EU) funded project is…

China is Kidnapping People & Harvesting Their Organs While Still Alive

'Human rights abuses are rampant under China’s Communist Party' - nothing new then... Women in their seventh, eight or even…

Welcome to Ikon London TV

Ikon London TV is here. By now, you probably already know what to expect from us int he coming days and weeks. Here is our short intro to give you a flavour while you wait.

Ikon London TV is here! What to expect

How to rock Cannes Film Festival like our Editor in Chief Joe Alvarez

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