Brit Awards Triumph Of The Bland

This year’s edition of the Brits has been a cruel reminder of an industry in crisis in a shrinking economy. Whereas memory would make us think of the awards as an spectacle of glitz and loud notes, what we saw this week was a half effort from any angle.

Starting from a red carpet, what on earth was Gemma Arterton thinking? Wearing an outfit that would not even look good on a mannequin, she managed to look worse than Lana del Rey, whom turned up directly from her last meeting with the accountants… dressed as one of them! 

The awards could have been predicted to a tee by any psychic in town: Adele, of course and forgive me while I yawn, Mumfords and Sons –deserved-, Coldplay, Lana del Rey… we are bored already, check the full list here if you are up for it.

One direction were the youngest live act of the night and also the most tired one, with their floppy intertwined version of “Teenage Kicks” by the Undertones and “One way or another” by Blondie. For a boy band bragging of being number one in 65 different countries, they could have tried one of their own.

The impossible beauty of Berenice Marlohe who was bursting out with sensuality from her tin-foil-wrap-like dress, the bouncy performance from Robbie Williams and the impeccable hosting from James Corden did not suffice to lift the tone.

The highest note: An import. Justin Timberlake killed it on stage. This guy does not cease to amaze, coming back with a full package, image, moves, voice and melodies, his set was flawless. And this is the moral of the story: Talent is timeless.

Brit Awards Triumph Of The Bland


Rita Ora, Ashley Roberts, Taylor Swift


Robbie Williams, Taylor Swift, Justin TImberlake


Berenice Marlohe, Jessie J


One Direction

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Robbie Wiliams at the Brit Awards at O2 Arena, London, England- 20.02.13.

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