Charlotte Olympia Uber Cool Shoes

Charlotte Olympia teamed up with taxi hail app Uber to offer £500 worth of Uber credit to Charlotte Olympia loyal customers.

Uber Charlotte Olympia Shoes 2

Uber Charlotte Olympia Shoes

With the season fast approaching and reminders everywhere that Christmas is on the way, it is time to slip on that little black dress and killer sparkly heels. You head to the office party to let your hair down and show the miserable woman at the desk behind what you are really made of once you get your groove on. Getting home is often the last thing on your mind. However, as us ladies know all too well, there always comes a point in the evening when your feet are losing the will to live despite being clad in the sexist footwear you could find and the thought of having to walk down the road to hail a cab fills you with dread.

Well, fear not. Uber have collaborated with Charlotte Olympia to bring you gorgeous shoes and relieve your tired aching feet at the same time. The announcement comes just weeks after TFL announced that they have done a deal with Adidas giving you a £80 Oyster card with your trainers that cost you £80…in my book that means free travel.

Uber Charlotte Olympia Shoes 2

Uber Charlotte Olympia Shoes

Whilst Charlotte Olympia collaboration is not quite giving you something for nothing, it is certainly a far more elegant and appealing deal to me. As Charlotte Olympia says “My brand motto is, the higher the heel the better you feel”. I for one am in total agreement with that ethos. So for £695, you get the festive sparkly platform sandal that you have convinced yourself you cannot live without, plus £500 of credit with the taxi app company so you get to ride home in style.

With men in the UK now starting to overtake women with their shoe spending, I don’t feel so bad about my Prince Charming riding the tube while this Cinderella gets to keep her (in this case gold sparkling) slippers intact and take the carriage home.

However, you better be quick as there is a limited run of 14 pairs which go on sale at Harvey Nichols exclusively on the 15th November 2018.

Read all about shoes on Nicola Ziff’s website here.


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Uber Charlotte Olympia Shoes 2

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