Cold Sun Warning: ‘Mini Ice Age Could Be Starting in Next 2 Years’

NASA warns of record low temperatures as mini ice age to hit space

In an interesting turn of events, NASA has recently warned that a long, extremely cold temperature will hit space within months.
Scientists spotted sunspot activity on sun’s surface being dropped so low that record low temperature can soon set in bringing a long, cold winter to hit space in months, creating a grim mini Ice Age.

“We see a cooling trend. High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold,” says lead researcher Martin Mlynczak.

The weather data came from SABER instrument, used for monitoring infrared emissions from carbon dioxide and nitric oxide (NO), on NASA’s TIMED satellite that measures changes in Earth’s atmosphere. The satellite discovered that the thermosphere, Earth’s upper atmosphere, is at present cooling and shrinking, wrote Daily Mail.

To keep track, the team created the ‘Thermosphere Climate Index’ (TCI). The number showed how many heat trapping molecules like carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are released to space. “SABER is currently measuring 33 billion Watts of infrared power from NO. That’s 10 times smaller than we see during more active phases of the solar cycle. It could set a record in a matter of months, said Mlynczak.

As per The Sun, solar minimum can improve the effects of space weather, disrupt communications and navigation, and also cause space junk to ‘hang around’, as per NASA. An increase in solar winds might also change the thermosphere’s chemistry resulting in more lightning and cloud formation, eventually affecting air travel and putting passengers and flight crews in additional danger.

NASA earlier calculated that the sun was to reach its solar minimum low point in 2019 or 2020. However, the researchers warn that the sunspots are vanishing faster than expected, with the current solar cycle coming to end sooner than predicted.

“We’re not there quite yet, but it could happen in a matter of months,” said Mlynczak.

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum | NASA

TV Host Rick Wiles offers stunning evidence that the earth will soon enter into a drastic cooling cycle, contrary to the current religion of world-wide climate change warming.

Viktor Maletic – Unsplash

Featured in the first video -below- is Professor Valentina Zkarkova, whose latest models have been updated from a decades-long cold snap, to one lasting centuries. Do world leaders know (and are they secretly preparing) for the weather change? Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart.

In this second video Scott Yarbrough began researching the fundamental analysis of oil and natural gas prices to formulate an investment play when he discovered disturbing trends in global climate models. He discussed why he believes the changes in the sun cycles now have Earth entering an ice age, and outlined what we can do to prepare for the coming changes.

In coming to his conclusions, Yarbrough looked at ‘Total Solar Irradiance,’ a methodology studied by Russian scientists, and long term sunspot cycles which have been recorded since the 1400s. The lack of sunspots tend to be associated with colder weather, and we’re about to repeat a cycle known as the Dalton Minimum, he suggested, which last ran from about 1790 to 1820.

Antarctic Ice sheets GROWING from the base, not melting – News – British Antarctic Survey

And lastly, The globalist carbon tax scam and mockingbird media panic of global warming has been drilled into gullible minds since Al Gore’s massive exaggeration “An Inconvenient Truth” hit theatres twelve years ago.

Since then it has been largely debunked as pseudoscience. As a result of this major distraction. Most people are largely unaware that the Earth is on the precipice of a mini ice age.

Of course, we hope these well founded predictions will not come to fruition, but being prepared wont hurt at all.


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