Hilariously Named British Beers

Guys like beer, and guys like women. This is why the industry markets its products on the promise that drinking beer will get you ‘laid’. This is obviously false. Beer makes you sleepy, not sexy. More importantly, it can be seen by some as exclusionary: plenty of women like beer, and some of the guys who like beer don’t like women. Nevertheless, heteronormative sex sells, and for a long time, it’s been used to sell beer to men.

Back when the country’s suds landscape was dominated by macro brewers with nationally broadcasted TV advertisements, this sort of base beer sexism was easier to spot. Sometimes, the public even got offended by it, as in the case of Old Milwaukee’s Swedish Bikini Team (though that poorly timed campaign was actually meant to parody the market’s misogyny.)

These days, the biggest brewers have (mostly) wised up to the scrutiny they’re under, but the craft industry is still provincial enough that casual sexism abounds, even on labels. So we took a look around and assembled this list of beers with heterosexually suggestive names targeted at male customers. These are meant in obvious good fun; despite a ‘minority’ seen it as ‘uncomfortable’.

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