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London Sees in The New Year with Dazzling Fireworks Display

Thousands of fireworks covered the sky above central London as the UK welcomed 2019 overnight.

More than 100,000 people lined the banks of the Thames for the ticketed event, which saw eight tonnes of fireworks set off from three barges and from the London Eye.

Even Big Ben came out of hibernation to count down to midnight, having been closed down for renovation in August 2017.

The dazzling display was centred around -the bleeding obvious theme- “London is open” one of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ‘great ideas’ with the phrase spoken in seven languages at 12.02am: Italian, Polish, German, Romanian, Spanish, French and English.

Very sweet, but they could’ve just said it in English and everyone would’ve understood. How patronising for all involved. Let us watch the fireworks in peace Mr ‘PC perfect’ Mayor.

Despite the banal political messages by Mr Khan, London has ‘been open’ for 2000 years…And will still be.

New Year’s Eve in London: London has the best fireworks in the country (Image: GETTY)

The soundtrack featured the ‘best European talent’ (!) in what was billed by The Mayor as a rebuke of the “insular inward-looking” (simply for demanding legal immigration and basic control of our borders like most countries do) impression given of the UK in the lead-up to Brexit.

The Mayor continued with more politically correct platitudes that I will not insult your intelligence with.

The 100,000 spectators paid £10 each -used to be free- to view one of the greatest displays our capital has ever seen and were not disappointed.

(Image: Getty)

How much do the fireworks cost?
According to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s website, a total Greater London Authority (GLA) net expenditure of £2.3m was approved for the 2018 New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Watch the London NYE fireworks here:

The statement adds that the figure is based on forecast ticket sales and concession income of £950,000.

Final cost figures will be released in the New Year.

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