Retribution Film Review

I had the great pleasure of attending the premiere of Retribution. Written and directed by Danny Albury and David Bispham, and starring the lovely Dan Richardson, this film absolutely blew me away.

Richardson plays Dan, a debt collector for a hardcore gangster Christian (Sean Cronin), who goes on a 24-hour rampage for justice when Christian’s son brutally attacks his daughter.

Knowing that neither he nor his son are safe from the punishment Dan has in store, Christian hires a hitman Mr Gallo (Cengiz Dervis) to stop Dan before he can complete his task at hand.

Now I can honestly say that British films haven’t always interested me, they either have money and produce some amazing films that we all love, or some really low budget films that I wouldn’t waste my time or words on, but at the moment there’s another kind.

Right now there are some fantastic British actors, writers and directors that have taken low budget movies and made them truly enjoyable to watch.

Retribution is definitely one of these films – The cinematography on this film was artistically shot giving the film edge and depth, coupled with great direction and some fantastic actors this is a must see film.

Hugh Quarshie (DI Reed) and Amanda Mealing (Captain Whittard) gave fantastic performances, and while Sean Cronin has become one of my favourite British baddie, Dan Richardson is slowly becoming my favourite British actor, one I would love to see more of on my screen.

I can honestly say that we have reach a wonderful era for British film. We have some talented new actors, writers and directors coming through the ranks who have managed to make British cinema and films exciting again. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what comes next.

So is this a film you want to see? yes, definitely. You would be a fool to miss it.

The writers have worked on some amazing shows and films between them like Clash of the Titans, Wonder Woman, 47 Ronin, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and The Quiet Ones and the experience has really shown through in this film.

Retribution receives a big thumbs up from me, it is definitely a winner in my book.


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Retribution Film Review

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